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When the law isn't sufficient to defeat the ends of right and
justice, leave it to the lawyers.
Ferdinand H. Cook disappeared from his home in New York
city, and his mother-in-law, Mrs. James Herman Aldrich, a wealthy
woman, advertised a reward of $1,000 to anyone who would find
Cook, dead or alive.
Vincent Coakley and Adrian Parker, Boy Scouts, 14 years old,
out on a practice hike on Long Island with their troop, found the
body of Cook. After the finding of the body, the boys and their
parents, who are people in very moderate circumstances, learned of
the reward, and two happy little boys went to the offices of Mrs.
Aldrich's attorneys, to claim the thousand dollars.
BUT, by a decision of the Court of Appeals of New York state,
anyone who offers a reward for the finding of anything isn't bound
to pay the reward unless the finder, knowing of the offer, went out
with the express purpose of finding that which was lost.
The Wall street firm of attorneys who represent the wealthy
Mrs. Aldrich knew this point of law, being able and high-priced
lawyers. By questioning the little boys, they discovered that the
little boys were not looking for Cook's body when they found it. So
they notified Mrs. Aldrich that she owed the boys nothing, and they
sent the boys about their business.
But Mrs. Aldrich, being a generous woman, gave the boys $25
She probably will give the lawyers at least two or three times
that, even though they neither looked for Cook's body nor found it.
Law and lawyers surely do make a combination that it's hard
for a grown man to beat, let alone two little boys.
o o
Detective Gumshoe (of old
school) But this man could not
possibly have committed the
Detective Bludgeon (of new
school) What of that?
"Well er "
"Of course, he could not possi
bly have committed the crime. Do
you imagine I'm looking for
something easy? No, sir! I pro
pose to show the world what my
, method will do. I shall extort a
confession from the fellow, and I
shall convict him, and send him
to the gallows, in spite of his in
nocence, the best lawyers money
can produce and a unanimous
public sentiment. I, sir, am a de
tective, not a. mere opportunist,
who waits for the favoring
breeze to carry him to success."
The oW style defective, realiz
ing his hopeless inferiority, was
speechless with shame and
o o
Ernest Bailey, Boston, robbed
of $200 here. Pickpockets.

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