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Sarah the Divine with infinite re
lief. She is an artiste AND a
The city primaries are tomor
row. You can either vote for a
Hearst lap dog or a free man.
Chief McWeeny says Chicago
needs more cops. Rev. Yarrow
says Chicago needs more chief
of police.
Yarrow is not exactly right.
You can't have more of a thing
you haven't got. What Chicago
needs now is A chief of police.
There is too much howling for
intervention in Mexico. Coun
tries, like individuals, musf work
out their own salvation, and no
one can do it for them.
The present holler for inter-
jntion brings to mind the same
?"-t of a holler that went up from
the monarchies of Europe at the
time of the French revolution.
What would the world be to
day if that holler had materializ
ed into arnied intervention v in
France, the restoration of the
monarchy and the downfall of the
The Commune, the Terror, was
a ghastly thing, but from the
blood with whiclit drenched the
earth arose the new spirit of polit
ical freedom, that brought about
the end of political autocracy.
Mexico, you say, is different,
because it has been a free repub
lic for years.
Mexico never has been free,
never has been a republic. It al
ways has been ruled by the aris
tocrats, and its people have been
slaves, ground under the iron
heels of the aristocrats.
The Maderos, who labelled
themselves liberators, were aris
tocrats. The family was worth
$100,000,000. They held thou
sands of acres of land, and they
used thousands of peons as slaves.
Tohn Rockefeller. Tr.. is back
ing an extended campaign of pre- M
sentation of sex problem plays in
the theaters of America.
John, Jr.'s father creatddjnany
of our problems, sex and social,
and now John, Jr., is trying to
cure the effect with dope and ig
nore the cause.
Nearly all the front page of to
day's Tribune is taken up with
Mexico and China. -We shodld
worry about the Sahara desert
and let someone slip something
over on us at home.
"Sir, I have no home," began
the seedy-looking man, "an "
"No taxes to pay, no rent, no
coal bills, no worry over the rise
in milk prices ! Permit me to con
gratulate you."
- "I have no job, and "
"Lucky chap! No danger of
being discharged."
"But I am serious. I have no
money, and "
"No temptation to spend it
foolishly on able-bodied beggars.
Why, you're a veritable child of
fortune. Good day!"
o o '
That $180,000,000 pension ap
propriation isn't much encour
agement to war with Mexico or
anyone else. Financially speak
ing, your Uncle Sam's always up
against a war or several of them.

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