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3 "Behold a republic resting secuTely'upon'thevfbundatibn stonep, quar
ried by revolutionary patriots-from the mountain of -eternal truth!" Thus
spoke Wm'Jenriihgs Bryan in.l900,-andjto6yhe-rep?ateybfor;the benefit
of those who are inquiring into 'his atUWdetas.secreof'te,.'
Such was the republic tofja large extent. ;":TeV6jmdatin'Awpes quarr
ried by the fathers'from.the mountain ojf truth .wereh'umanequality, such
rights as free speech, free press and free assemhlag;,'andvboVe all else,
the truth that government derives ita just -power -frpip" thecphsent of the
governed. There have been changes since'Bryari.maSp'.e his' eloqu.en.t declar
ation, thirteen years ago, but the eternal .truthbak-ijpt'ctianged.- 'Some' of
these foundation stones have become imich weath.erorn"l Some have
been undermined. Some'-were set in quicksand 'ana", afeislippingout .from
beneath the structure.- -' , f
We have! discovered 'that all men are no.t equal.lbefbrelthelaw,: accord
ing to that travesty called justice -dealt put by the courts".-
Police clubbings' and1-the blood ridingV of "'Cqssacjkshaveynade us
shaky as to the rights of free speech.ahdree"assemblag?s, wule'iiijundtioii,
jail' and heavy- advertisers -have 'at least weakened' rehance-pna; free, press.
Last and most serious of' all, vpiirjb only' no kenm'tb the 'fact
that our persons,, our firesides, .our pursuit" of; happmess.have-h'een gov
erned without'ourconsent. '. ''t'
Slowly, stealthily;, but .surely, has ,thayf6undatioTCof -stones .quarried
from the mountain .of Zejernal truth beehwene'd'.rBut. it is still there,
and, in pur-love of-freedomand lave brpurTfeUp-Vwe-re akeady en
gaged in restoring itssbUdityn' strength," th 'it, myyagn .staiici' as the
wonder of civihzation and a. glorious exsunple.'tballpe'oples'w strug
gling toward the liglrt ' , ' ' '
Against tyrannyand oppression .thefathVrs'dflthei-Revdlution reared
that foundation. We know that'.thh-mafe best that man ever
employed. We are going; backup:. theh"i"myu more ihaterial.
The labor will be great,' andsome must sijffbr 'and 'fall, but equality of
opportunity and justice.SHALL BE RESTORED. Bitterness, suffering and
scandal may .ensue, but again shall-be' upheld the causes of humanity , by
fearless free tongues and air honest, vigllantjffee press And 'thbsergbv
erned shall be the only ones' to'sa'y whatshall ' be '"thVjust 'powers of gov
ernment! . " " , , - .
Upon that foundation of eternal truths, "laid oyer -a. century; ago, have .
risen sup'er-stxjictures that qre .'rotten anji fa!se.- 'TJtey.must come do"wn:
They,.are immense and.isplendid. in their-"deceptionr," But gree'd' and rthe
power gained by partial, speciaT.affvaategeshall" not. prevent-. their;" b'eing
razed to .the, foundation stones. V " ' c " -
After spending a great part, of f he
evening with conYivial friends"." Smith
decided that 'home was the place for
him, but, on arriving there, he went
to sleep in the" front garden. Early
the next morning, opening his. eyes,
he say his wife 'looking at .him -from,
an open windo.w . ""Shut that win
dow!" he yelled. "Do, you want.me
to catch myi'death.ofcold?."r
1 A sea-going pleasure steamer, was
ipassing' a big- convict establishment
when .a" short-sighted passenger,'
thinking -a ellrknown seaside resort
;iir:the vicinity wasbemgpointed. put,,
exclaimed' in ayery loud voice that
he knew" every' comer of the places
haymglived 'there? for years, adding
thathis.l alerand grandfather had.'
b'eenWiin'lth'ereU -

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