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it had to do with the ancient, respect
abte, and-lamented bar-of-judgment
Gabriel had played .his trump; and
those of us who could not follow
suit were, assigned for examination;
I noticed at one side a gathering of
professional bondsmen in solemn
black and collars that buttoned be
hind; but it seemed there was some
trouble about theuvreal estate titles:
and they did not' appear ""to be" get
ting any of us out
A fly-cop an angel policeman
new over to me and took me by the
left wing. Near at hand was a group
of very prosperous-looking spirits ar
raigned for judgment.
"Do you belong with that bunch?"
the policeman asked.." .
"Why," said her"they are ",
But this irrelevant stuft. is-Jaking
up space that the story" .should oc
cupy. ,
Dulcie worked in a department
store. She sold Hamburg edging, or
stuffed peppers, or automobiles, or
other little trinkets such as they keep
in department stores. Of what she
earned, Dulcie received $Q per week.'
The remamder wascredited to her
and debited to somebody else's ,ac-
uuuui. in ciio icugci u.cpt uy wr ;
Oh, primal energy, you say: Reverend
Doctor well then, In, the Ledger of
Primal Energy.
During her. first year in the store,"
uuicie was paiassper week, it-would
on that amount -Don't care?' Very
weu nroDaoiy.,youare mterestea m
larger amounts.- .'Six dollars is a
larger amount. Awill -tell you Jiow
she lived on $6 per week.
One afternoon at., 6, when Dulcie
was sticking her "hatpin, within an
eight of an inch of her" medulla .ob
longata, she said to her chum, Sadie.
the girl that waits on you witfii her
left side: "
"Say Sade, I made a date for din
ner this evening with Piggy."
"You never did!" - exclaimed Sadie"
admiringly. "Well, ain't you the lucky
one1? Piggy's an awful swell; and ha
always takes a girl to swell places.
He took, Blanche up to the Hoffman
House, one eveningj where they have
swell music, and you see a Jot of
swells. Youll have a swell time,
Dulcie hurried homeward. Her eyes
were shining, and her cheeks show
ed the delicate pink of life's real
life's approaching dawn. It was Fri
day; and she had 50 cents left of her
last week's wages.
Dulcie stopped In a store where
goods were cheap and bought an imi
tation lace collar with her 60 cents.
That money was" to have been spent
otherwise 15 cents for supper, 10
Cents., for' breakfast, i0 cents for
IunchZ Another dime, was to be add
ed tocher-small store. of. savings; and
j ents was to be squandered for
licorice drops tne rana mat maae
yourcheek .look like the toothache,
anS last-as longl The licorice was an
extravagance almost a carouse
;bufwhat is life without pleasures?
-'Dulcie lived" in a furnished room.
There Is this difference 'between, a
furnished, room and a' boarding
house:'" In a furnished room, other
people do not know- it when you go
So Dulcie lit the gas. in its one-
fourth-candle-power glow we will ob
serve the rdbm.
Against the wrinkly mirror stood
pictures, of Gen Kitchener, William
Muldoon, tne uucness pi MariDor- -,
ough, and Benveriuta Cellini. Against
one watt was a plaster of Jf arts plaque
i"fc'"trtTlTioTi 'in a'Pftmon Vinlmnt
HI All J .11 . UUiiilW.
Near,it was a. violent oleograph of a r
lemon-colored child assaulting an. In
flammatory butterfly This was Dul
cie's final judgment in art; but it had
never been upset Her rest had never
been disturbed by whispers of stolen
copes; no critic had elevated his eye-
Drows at ner inwrauie entomologist.
Piggy was to call for her at 7.
While she swiftly makes ready, let,
us discreetly face the other way and

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