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'To the Editor: ' Did not .the Re
publican, Democratic and Progres
sive parties promise the people that
if they were elected to office they
would do as the "people directed them
to do?
' If the above statement is correct,
then does it not follow that a con
tract has been entered into by them
with the people, and if so; are they
not violating the Icontract? And
can't the people or any of them, by
injunction or restraining order stop
the pay of these gentlemen until they
carry out the will of the people?
I think that the people, expressed
the desire that Mr. Lewis and Mr.
Sherman should be elected U. S.
senators, and before election the
Democrats' and: others, said they fa
vored the carrying out of the planks
of. their various platforms and the
people believed them and -elected
Now I maintain that all that was
said and done by the parties and the
people was in effect -a- contract- and
the- consideration was the SALARY
of the job; if, they do not in Spring
field carry out their part,- then ' an
action would lie to stop the payment
from he treasury of the state of any
money to them for violating the con-'
tract. Am.I right or not? Please an
swer in The Day-Book.
Sincerely yours for the cause you
are fighting. Jas. McCarthy.
"No matter whether Lewis and
Sherman" are fit or- unfit, my; judg
ment is that the nearest approach all
members of the legislature can make
toward representing 'the will ofthe
people is by electing them U. S. sen
ators. The people-pf Illinois voted
that way, and. that ought to settle it,
no matter what any of jus think of
Lewis or Sherman-.
I don't know what.can be done by
law to make partisan representatives
keep party 'pledges.. .Neither' does
anybody else. ' You never, can tell
until the last court has had the last
Parties have been violating pledges
to the people so long that it has be-'
come a habit. That's-why the people
are demanding direct legislation '
the initiative, referendum and recall,
and the direct election ofVU.S. sen
ators. "v
' Tjie only remedy now Is to defeat
for re-election any man who refuses
to obey the expressed-will of the peo
ple, i To stop the pay of any legisla
tor who, defies the. will of the people
would be common sense. But it may
not be law. Law and common sense
are not always the same .thing.
Judges have been using the injunc
tion so long against workingmen,
they migh thinlc-it unconstitutional
to use- It on pohticiatfsEditor Day
Book. . "' . " . : 5
. : o
' Clara Rose told me that ;you told
heErthat secre I told, you- not to tell
her. Belle rShe's a mean thing! I told
hemot to 'tell, you. '
Clara Well, I told her I wouldn't
tell you she told me, so don't tell her
I did!

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