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the Editor:
I am not a native of Chicago,
though i have been in and out of the
city for years and in the last year I
have heard a great deal of "Beautiful
Chicago," "Rival of N. Y." New
York pleans its streets occasionally
Chicago never does. I must say that
Pittsburgh in its smokiest day, never
was such a filth hole as Cliicago is.
Oh, yes, we hear a great deal
about Chicago being short of money
arid laying men off and. cutting sal-
aries. Why should Chicago 'cut sal
aries? Where is the money? I sup
pose it is paying for a lot, of fake
subway committees. The people of
the city are responsible. .
No other city in .the world would
stand for the crime, filth, delay, ex
cuses, bunk, and nuisances that the
Chicagoans stand for. Why, you
can't walk by a man on the street
here without his turning around or
stopping to look at you. He's. afraid
of being held up. The police are a
joke. . Look at the "small town" gas
lamps used to light your residence
Two years ago a great hue and
cry went up for the elevated railroad
to cover its third rail so that ice and
sleet would not delay the traffic. The"
engineers, after a fake investigation,
said it couldnt be done. New York
has done it for years. (Yet we hear
that Chicago rivals New York.) I
picked up a paper the other day of
April, 1911. In it Mayor Harrison
promised a speedy settlement of the
subway question. Think of it! April,
1911! Two years ago.
How much have the Chicago fools
paid out for investigation since
I am in the theatrical business,
and every once in a while some
clergyman gets loose long enough to
inform the public that actors are
children of Belzeebub, and chorus
girls are going to hell, and all .are
immoral, etc., ad infinitum. A com
mission is now investigating vice.
Where are the clergymen? I'll, tell
you. They are accepting money from,,
those same millionaires who" are pay
ing salaries (excuse me)
wagesf for so-called charities of
which the Y. W. C. A., Eleanor Club,
Indiana Street Home and United
Charities are samples. It might pay
you to find out what the salaries .of
the officials of those so-called charir
ties are. That might explain why
there is no money left for the poor
and why the United Charities are
now appealing for money.
One of. the best institutions in our
country for the man of small means
is the Mills hotel in New York and
it pays, too. Why not such a place
for a working girl?
I am so sick and disgusted from
seeing clergymen, charitable institu
tions, etc., begging the actor and
actress to work oner two or three
nights for charity fo them (and the
atrical people always fall for it, too)
and then hearing ' our 'profession
damned and spoken of with disgust
by those same people who are not fit
to act as our doormat. y.
Look into your prisons, count' the
actors there,, and then count the
number of clergymen, or lawyers" or
bankers. Then also count up their
offenses and -I think'' you will look
with disgust upon many professions
that should be our noblest ones.. If
some of our millionaires had left a
few dollars as Mills' did, instead of
bringing up a'-race of snobs, it" would
have been of more credit to them.
Look at the sorry spectacle of the
Illinois legislature;. Think of it! The
people of Illinois, are paying, those
men to sit up there and stop all busi
ness of the state. Shame! Not one
of those men should receive one cent
for any of the time lost in the present t
deadlock. Stqp their money and see
how quick that, deadlock would end.,.
Did you notice iow quick the men
were captured last winter when they

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