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Then Mistress Mary, steered on the
proper cpurge by the "interviewers,
switched from reporters to love.
"Should I ever love .a man and
God knows I hope I will he must.
be .a man who can take, -all, that
energy from me and can give me in
return ALL I receive from - and
through my art. He must tie a colos
sal man, dnewh'o" can fill my every
tnouent, for wnen I am married l
quit this so," snapping her fingers.
"Shall I ever find that man? Who
knows? I have never loved any man
so that he could fill my life so-that
him I could sacrifice my art.1' .Many
men have been m loveXwith me
"My art meads something tp peor
pie; uiey go uoiiie-auu uream ui it,
talk of it andsweaye it intoHhe fiber
of their lives. I' adore my art and
my God. "
"I AM profoundly religious". Noth
ing would be easier than for me to
do "what 'Thais' did b'ecomeva nun
and a religious zealot. Most probably
I shall end my daysdn a cpnventr Iri"
fact, I already nave ;my nunnery
picked out; it is in Turin. How can
I tell in what my imagination wll
find satisfaction? A husband, a con
vent or my art to the endI mayk
weary ot plaudits. f
- "Or of a man, or incense?" ...
"Just so, but .1 will , not weary of
giving. I find;my utmost satisfaction.
in spending myself for what I love."
o o. I f--
Sunday School. Teacher Arid'
when the prodigal son came home,;
what happened, Tommy?
Tommy His father ran to meet
him and hurt himself.
Sunday School Teacher Whyj
where did you get that?
Tommy It- said his father ran and
fell -on his neck. I bet it would- hurt
you to fall on your neck.
o o "
A set of pole-climbers has been
found on bne of those London suffra
gettes: Parliament might just as well
come down first as" last '
An ingrowing tberiau'isvery pain
fuf and often requires surgical atten
tion for the simple reason that people
are inclined to think of it as "ONLY
an -irigrowingtoenail."
" The first sign, of this trouble is
soreness in the 'flesh beside the nail.
d. The ,nail presses down into" the
flesh and - the 'sufferer experiences
great inconvenience in walking or
even wearing, a shate; X
- this condition aoesrt l come an at
once.,however. and.might usually be
prevented if the. individual attended
to. ine.nau as soon-.astne nrst symp-.
torn oi-sbreriess manifeVted itself.
Improper foqtwear is.'the common
est cause of ingrowing .toenail. Shoes
too narrow across the toes, or not
long enough, br'thosewith high heels
which throw ttie tpesf orward so that
they are'crqwdedby the toes of the
shoe are. all first aids. ' N
.A wrongimethodiof cutting.the toe-
hails may start lhevtrouble.
Toenails" should be cut straiefht
across: :not'trimmed away at the cor
ners -to follow the Jipes of the toes.
;lf the latter method is used the flesh
crowds in at the corners and as the
nail pushes forward it digs into the
This treatment for ingrowing toe
nails includes the wearing of broadr
toed shoes; relieving pain and inflam
mation, by the use of hot poultices of
flaxseed, meal or other soothing ma
terial; soaking the foot frequently in
hot water.
If the condition is discovered early,
push a very small bit of cotton bat-
ting under the "side of the nail and
keep the top of the nail cut very .
short. . "
, 0-7-0 i
"Even a, policeman can't.arrest the
flight of time," said the funny man.
"Oh, 1 don't know," rejoined the matter-of-fact
nersbn. ".Only this morn
ing I saw a policeman. enter a- side,
door-and stop a;few minutes; x

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