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The day book. (Chicago, Ill.) 1911-1917, April 05, 1913, FINAL EDITION, Image 19

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Boss,!' he said, pointing to the hole in
tie ground. 1
Druihfietd jumped put. "What, do
you mean?" his shouted in bewilder
ment. , . " .
. "Y6vl said, the DeKalb Avenue
church,", answered the driver with' a
grin. "It was. polled down two
months aga I can't help it if you've
overslept yourgelf, Mister. Two dol
lars, please." . , ,
tini'mfield flung him the, two bills
and ,s'lrode awjay, while tHe driver
lboked after hlih uncertainly. The
guy semedcrazy"; perhaps, he had
escaped. from a sanitarium. Should
be go after him.. His attention was
attracted,, however, by a . fare, and re
luctantly he sacrificed a possibility to
a probability. By this time Drumneld
was, lost in the crowd.
. His mind jvks whirling. 'Heinew
thaji Lucy would not 'have waited
seven years' rf6r Txini besfdes, he
couM not remember her address of
her father's. Who jwas Hef Was he
a rising young lawyer with a happy
ma'rriagebefore him,-or a crazy -man?
He must go cautiously He mUst not
betray hlmself..ih his pocket he rouii'd
a key and the pocket-book ahdlhside
thelatlera printed card hearing the
name''Henry Patterson. The name
seemed to, awaken vague, remem
brances in his mind and gave him hi3
clue. The.add'reSs was Nassau. street.
He would' gb to Patterson. "But who
was, Patterson?
Then the prppable solution burs
upon him. JHe must be Patterson. He
Had heard of "cases .of " double person
ality, in which Uie afflicted subject as
sumed another name and carried on
his business with" recollection ofjliis
previous life, until he awakened tb
resume thaif where he' had left it off.
Yesj he.must have been living. as Pat
terson for eight years"and the injury
to his headd suddehly restored him
tb His normal .self, leaving him
stranded like, a fish out of water.
' He reached the building and was
shot up in the elevator for eleven
stories. Upon the door of a room at .
the end pf the. passage, he saw Ms
name. He opened it and entered. L
woman and a gifLsat at twb desks
and as he approached they looked up
at him curiously. The woman's, face
was hard, and devoid of any expres
sion. DrUmfieid moved tdward the in
ned door, and suddenly the woman
sprang to hef feet. '
''ilr. Patterson!" she exclaimed.
kfaew you. 'from your face at, once.
Afe you going into your. office?".
"Yes,", answered Drumfieid curtly.
"It's dangerous; sir. I" shouldh!'t
have thought you wbuid have conie
at this time; with, the ihvestigatidii on
and the district attbrhey hunting for
you.. Why; Mr. Patterson", lvebeeh
here ten months and you never show
ed tip until how when you're want
ed." "I always, show uji when I'nii&ant
ed," miittered .Drumfieid", entering as'
the woman unlocked the dpdr. Inside
was a bare desk.aha ah bffice bhaif.
"They've seized the books, but I've
got the1 papersin duplicate Here,'-' said
the womari with a chuckle, and, turn
ing Up'the" carpdt.'-sTie lifted a board
in the floor .and -pulled out a mass of
documents. . '
"Q' we'li'.paake them smart," she
said maliciously.? "We gotone of 'em
iast Hight Drumfieid!"
"What!" shouted "Druriifield.
The-woman stated: at iim. "I
thought' buf -fellows would Haye told
you," she said., ."Slugged nim with a
sandbag; bn, Twenty-fifth street, they
said aridSserved, him. right, the prying
knave. Zieg wbUld have'fihished the
job if a cop hadnifrcbme foUhd the
corner. But I bet Drum has a sor.e
head today." . "'
"I bet he has." Drumfieid miittrpd.
"Now let me look through 'these' pa
pers and lgaye me."
TTft WHS fcrmfalir. bt' cah if nmo
Patterson, who was Drumfieid? And
senta shiver of apprehension through
mm. ie must nave been conducting
some criminal, business, then; the po1
Hcewere after him! He turned to
. i

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