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Notice to "move on has been served
on the night blooming- Thomas cat.
A snake has entered his garden of
Eden and worked him out of a job.
There is every reason to believe
that the snake will work its serpen
"tine way into the affections of the
public. The snake is a better, more
wholesome and far more sanitary
household pet than either the cat or
the dog and in some localities is a
welcome guest.
Thejestoration of thesnake to the
place he -belongs in thfs country is
( tiue, in a measure to its ardent de
fenders among the naturalists, but
probably in a greater degree to the
Ifact that more Americans are travel
ing an the tropics and are -therefore
becoming acquainted with the really
tgreat value reptiles have in the work
fbf making all sorts of vermin keep
Sheir distance.
t There are a number of varieties of
'.snakes that are not only harmless,
(but are great helps to mankind. In
tropical countries they have long
Sbeeri utilized as killers of rats, mice,
bugs and other annoyances of the,
household. One of the queer things
the Americans became acquainted
with in the Philippines was the house
Almost every old home in that
'country had one or jnore reptiles liv
ing within its walls. Sometimes they
'disturbed the sleeper by their, agility
in thrashing between the walls after
:rats but the annoyance was tem
porary, as it was less than is usually
made by the gnawing pf a mouse
and it effectually prevented mice
from being put in a position where
'they could gnaw. x
The superiority of the snake over
he cat as a mouser is so great that
'there is hardly a comparison. The cat
fmust wait at the hole in the wall
fwhere the rat or' mouse disappeared
before he can perform his duty as an.
exterminator., The snake goes into'
the hole after the rodent. There 'are
at least two general varieties of
snakes found in all sections of the
United States that are of great value
as exterminators of household pests.
These are the black snake and the
so-called garfer snake. The latter
name is used to classify several va
rieties of the snake family having
similar characteristics. All of these
are absolutely harmless their bite,
if they give one, not being any more
than a scratch.
Snakes of, these two sorts are not
publicity seekers. They remain in the
background and ask simply to be let
alone. The garter snake will live in
a. cellar or between the brick walls
and the plastering of.a house in greaj;
"comfort, if he is let alone. He is not
timid, in the sense of keeping out of
the way of mankind, as he is the only
snake that is known to come right
into cities to live. But he does not
follow a man around.
The black snake is even more
timid, but-likewise he is more valu
able. He is the friend of the farmer
and now-a-days the agricultural in
stitutions .are urging the Jtillers of the
land throughout the country to cul
tivate the acquaintance of the- black
snake and make him feel at home.
The benefit he'll do the farm through
the extermination of rats, gophers,
skunks and all sorts of animal and
insect pests, are wonderful.
o o
Many people prefer asparagus serv
ed plain. For this, it is only necessary
to put the heads and softer parts of
the stalk; either the whole or cut in
pieces, into .boiling water, in which
salt has been -.dissolved". Boil until
soft, as previously stated,, and serve
with butter.
o o
Clean plated handles and hinges on
doors by rubbing with a'flannel cloth
wet . with kerosene and .dipped in
whiting; polish with dry flannel,

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