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t The-old question, we used to debate in school should a legislator rep-
.resent-Hs constituents or his CQnscience? was- answered bravely In Jersey
th ottfer day when a member (and as it happens a Republican, too),, ata4- 4
'nounclng his vote for Wilson's jury reform bill, said it meant-going to his i
.poufipal death as "the gang" would neyer forgive him, ;;
Come to think of it, we ought to mention his name. He'a Represents-"" ,
fiVe Salus, of Atlantic City.
I So, in. spite of recent house cleanings direct primaries and secret bat-,"
Jots, it seems we still have "gangs" that can assassinate a candidate' who y
telnds for the people?
I "Kind o' Jolts us a bit, doesn't it?
I Maybe we've been going to sleep at the switch, thinking that, because
jwff ucKea em once or twice, it s au over.
No, the fight of the people is .never over and there isn't a-minute .when" j -"
r .snoozing on the political line isn't perilous. ' ' ' '?'
True, it's tough to have to be fussing with politics1 all the time.- " A ty '
But "the gang" does. They never miss a tick. Never caught a gang- 1
step napping, did you? . .
" Of course, Woodrow and the majority of Jersey men will attend to.
jthat jury business later. They'll find a way to stop the fixing of juries. J
"And maybe the gentleman from Atlantic City will come back, after all.
CWe-hope so.
But it's just as well to be reminded by this incident tha.t "eternal vigi
lance" is still the "price of liberty." Watch 'em all the time
-o o
"Speakin' of fishes," said the Tar,
"speakin' of fishes, near an' far,
Ihere once was a gentleman shark
J knowed as swallowed our anchor
ier a hook, an' when he seen what a
jsitehe'd took went hikin' off through
Ihe sea, an' towed that ship along like
a bloomin' chip, though she was a
regular monster ship. He towed her
backward, mile on mile, though the
engines fought him all the while; he
towed her over the heayin' foam 5 he
towed her into the pier at home, an'
then, with many a bump an' shock
he towed that vessel upqn the- dock;
h towetkher up through" the city
street at a pace that a race horse
couldn't beat; he' towed her over the
vale an' hill an' he never stopped a
bit until the screw got caught in a
spreadin' oak an' the anchor chain
an' the hawser broke. But the shark
kep' on with a grim intent though I
never did learn where the mpnster
went." There was silence awhile in
the village bar as a tribute mute to
the bold JackTart an' it looked like
the palm would sure be his till old
Bill Jackson saidr "Gee whizM kin
tell you just where yer big fish is;
an' I know the tale that you tell is
true, 'cause I caught that shark as
he hove in view anr I got him stalled
in the stable now an' I -use the critter
to help me plow." Then the old Tar
rose an' he said, said he, "By the
Great Horn Spoon, that surebeats
me." Then his face grew pale and he
gave a start and he fell and died of
a broken heart
0 0
Two old men were strolling along
a wharf and halted before a new
snow-white yacht ""Well, look at that
name, Bill!" said one. "Aint that the
rummiest way to spell fisfi '
P-s-y-c-h-e?" -
- 0 0 -
Maybe Governor Hi Johnson: will--,
get mad enough to give California
a law prohibiting Californians to sell
real estate to Japs. But wouldn't the
real estate speculators just yelL

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