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they have at the same time heen trying to maintain competition among the.
workers the non-unionist against the unionist, and one union against an
other brother against brother.
All of those workers are going to get together some day just as sure as
fate. There will be competition, war and hell until they do.
I don't hope for peace through any laws that may be put in the law
books. Human nature is stronger than man-made law. Employers and
employes are human beings. If one class is organized and the other notr
the organized class will oppress the unorganized class. Might will make
right. When both are organized, however, each will respect the strength
of the other, neither will want to fight and we will have peace.
That's why I am for organization organization of the parts and then
the whole thing. Then the Golden Rule will be law enough for all of us.
o o
Little Lucy Lister
Once wrote a "Twister;"
But she lost it; that sure is a fright.
'Twas found by some cuss,
Who mailed it to us,
So we're printing the "Twister" to
night. And here it is, ba gosh:
"Faithful funny Fanny Finch from
France'f ried fifty-four floundering fat
fish for fair Flora Forbes' fat father's
forty-fifth fraternal feast."
Wow! Say this one six times in
rapid succession.
Sheep soup shoat soup.
And then wrap your tongue around
the following:
Say This Rapidly.
When Weary Willie went wooing
Wins&ne Widow, Winsome Widow
wouldn't accept Weary 'Willie, so
Weary Willie went to the ballgame
to forget his troubles! "M. Mango,"
2127 W. Congress street.
This looks like the whole family
was interested in Tongue Twisters.
Lucy Lippert, 33 South Sacramento
boulevard, sent this one in:
A fly and a flea once flew
In a flaw of a chimney flue.
Said the fly let's flee,
Said the flea let's fly;
So the fly flew,
And the flea flew.
In a flaw in the chimney flue.
Julius Lippert accompanied Lucy's
Tongue, Twister wjtkthis one;
Which is worse, tell me this,
To kiss a miss or miss a kiss?
Is it amiss to kiss a miss,
Or is it a miss to kiss amiss?
Is it more amiss to miss a kiss,
Than it is amiss to kiss a miss?
If to kiss a miss is not amiss,
Then to kiss a miss that's notamiss;
You kiss a miss that is not there
And miss a kiss and kiss the air.
Is it more amiss if one kisses a miss
Than it is amiss to kiss a Mrs.?
B. H. S. writes: I have read your
"Tongue Twisting" stories and like
them very much. Would you kindly
put this one in: j
Tom Rye tried his tie twice to tie,
But, tugging too tight, tore the tier
Tom turned to Ted Tye,
Then told Ted to try
To tie the tie Tom tried to tie.
Believe us, half the world is made
up of squirrels and the other half
nuts. And not half the nuts have
a,ent in Tongue Twisters yet.
Want to see your name in the
paper? Alright, get your tongue
twisting, .and mail 'em to the Tongue
Twister Editor of The Day Book. i
o o
The cow is cooing on the lea,
The floes are flowing to the sea;
The flee is flying up the flue,
And what should cock-a-doodle do?
The little bugs their buggies wheel,
In sable stole the shadows steal; i
Nits tend their knitting in the gloom
And swallows swallow, flitting home..

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