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bird machines and, on the other hand,
building as many war aeroplanes as
they can.
In considering the effect of an
aeroplane in battle, too many people
are apt to pit a single 'plane against
a battleship. How easy to put one
or two or a half dozen flyers out
of business.
But navy men have not fallen into
this error. They know it would be
just as foolish for a naval command
er to send- one aeroplane, against a
battleship as it would 'for a military
commander to send one 'machine gun
against a brigade of troops, they
know that their problem figures out
about as follows:
A battleship costs from $10,000,000
to $15,000,000; it carries a crew of
1,000 men.
An aeroplane costs from $7,000 to,"
$10,000, carries a crew of not more
than two men.
Therefore, to be sure of success
against the battleship, the proper tac
tics would be to send a fleet of from
25 to 100 aeroplanes, or even 200,
into the fight.
Suppose there were 100 in our fleet
and fifty of them would be destroyed
and their crews drowned. It is alto
gether probable that this would hap
pen, but suppose it did. In men we
would lose 100 lives, in money less
than a million.
But, at that, there isn't a chance in
the world that the battleship would
escape. So the count against the air
ship loss would be the destruction of
a $15,000,000 battleship, the loss of
1,000 lives.
It would take at least a year to
build another battleship while the
loss of the 50 aeroplanes ,would be
replaced in a month or two.
The aeroplanes would be the hard
est sort of a mark to hit from the
deck of a rolling ship. But how about
hitting 100 aeroplanes?
The protection afforded the ship
by its deck armor wouldn't be very
great in a rain of high explosives
such as a fleet of aeroplanes could
drop on it It was proven by the work
of air scouts in Turkey that the pierc
ing of a wing two or three times by
a bullet does not put an aeroplane
out of action.
In Tripoli, Italian airmen were able
to drop bombs in Turkish camps and
do tremendous execution and then
get away. So far in warfare there
have been two men killed and .sev
eral severely wounded while flying.
In a trial in Paris an ex-American
army officer demonstrated a device
which shoots as accurately from an
aeroplane as the big guns of a war
ship shoot 70 per cent of hits.
Now suppose we send our fleet of
100 air craft against a battleship and
each ship drops two bombs with 70
per cent of hits. That ,is 140 bombs
out of 200 landing. One would be
enough to wreck the ship.
So we can readily helieve that
these little craftthat carry but two
men and cost so little will become the
terror of sea fighting.
First, because of the deadly nature
of tie bombs carried by the airmen.
Second, because there are so many
air craft against each individual ship.
Third, because no ship has yet been
built or ever, will be built that can get
away from an aeroplane fleet that is
once started after it.
An aeroplane could give a battle
ship fifty miles' start "and catch her
before she had been going half an
Tomatoes with Cream Sauce.
Peel and slice three solid ripe toma
toes. Sprinkle with salt and paprika,
dredge with flour, and saute ta golden
brown' in three tablespoons of but
ter. Arrange on hot platter and'xjover
with one cup of cream sauce..
o o
Daily Healthogram.
Avoid needless friction and subse
quent worry. Organize yourself as
well as your work. Do what you
have to do without expending any
unnecessary energy, t .

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