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'Jggi VT-
irawn mere men and women were
scurrying about, driven by humdrum
cares, vexed by disease and fear, or
following petty pleasures. Two mil
lion little people in an ant hill! And
he sat there in lofty superiority, far
above them all.
The Spirit of Space had touched
his fancy. His spirit took wings. He
was no longer conscious of his body.
He was poised in the air he could
float and soar in his ecstasy and
the Spirit beckoned him out out
A dentist smoking an after-lunch
cigarette at the open window of the
tenth story saw a human form flash
past, followed by a hat.
"There goes another!" he said.
Then there was a sound below like
the popping of a paper bag.
He was the latest victim of the
death lure that lurks in high places.
Many before him had leaped from
that tall Temple, and many will fol
low him.
Wliat the fabled Lorelei was to the
boatmen of the Rhine, what the
Sirens were to the ancient Greeks,
the Spirit of Space is to modern city
dwellers when they suddenly find
themselves looking down from high
Every great building numbers its
victims. The Washington monument
has iron bars in its windows to keep
visitors from leaping out. So has
the Bunker Hill monument. But on
the roofs of skyscrapers there can be
no such protection.
In one year" nearly a dozen persons
have leaped to death from Chicago's
Masonic Temple. It is coming to be
called the greatest death-lure in
Why do people jump to death from
"A suicide mania" some alienists
call it.
"The fear of height" say others.
The evolutionists say it is the lin
gering instinct to fly, inherited from
a far distant time when we were like
birds or bats or flying lizards; that
the forgotten impulse of millions of
years ago suddenly surges up and
drives us to destruction.
But the Spirit of Space does not
explain. She only smiles.
o o
ON RAIL FOR $100,000
Waukegan, III., Sept. 3. Mrs. Min
nie Richardson has filed suit for
$100,000 against the women who
were implicated in the rail-riding out
rage at Volo recently.
Mrs. Richardson, whose husband
is a cripple, was sitting on her porch
when, women from the village, who
objected to her, came up, tore almost
all her clothing from her back, forced
her to ride oh a rail through the vil
lage while male loiterers cheered, and
finally dumped "her in a mudhole with
the command that she leave town
at once or they would give her a coat
of tar and feathers.
The woman, almost a nervous
wreck", sought shelter at the home of
her sister in Chicago, while her hus
band mortgaged his grocery store to
supply her with funds and show his
faith in her despite the charge that
she was too familiar with her brother-in-law.
o o
"I'm no ordinary tramp, ma'am.
I'm a man. with a splendid history."
"Go on away with you then. We
want no book canvassers 'here.""f'
- .. - - . - tw;

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