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Referring to Tolstoy. Bridges de
clared that Russia did not dare im
prison Tolstoy, though they hated
him, for Tolstoy was beloved and
honored by all nations, and that it
was now the duty of all nations to
show Russia 'that as she dare not
molest the greatest of her subjects,
neither dare she sacrifice the least.
A Wallop at Russia.
"The reply of Cain, to the voice of
science, after he had slain Abel 'Am
I my brother's keeper,' is the attitude
of Russia, and it is the poison tnat ifc
consuming her," he cried. "She is
not her brother's keeper, and she
should be visited by the same curse
that was laid upon Cain; she should
be ostracized by civilized nations un
til she recognizes her responsibility
toward all of her subjects."
The last speaker was Dr. Emil G.
Hirsch of Sinai Temple, who stated
that the superstition of "ritual mur
der" originated with the Christians
after they had separated from Juda
ism. At their communion service at
the Easter time, the rabble, remem
bering the words of Jesus who said:
"This is my blood and this is my
body" cried that the Christians were
gathered to drink the blood of non
Christian. "The Jew," he declared, "has been
handy in all countries of Europe and
sometimes even in America, as a
counter-irritant when a ruler feels
himself tottering and looks around
for a means of diverting the atten
tion of his subjects.
"Russia has picked out poor Beilis,
innocent as I believe, as I know him
to be, and for the first time in history
a public prosecutor, a persecutor in
this case, has charged that a Jew
may commit murder under the sanc
tion of his religion.
"That isthe blackest lie ever ut
tered and a lie that has been dis
proved many times. Never was it
sanctioned by orthodox Judaism.
Why, a good orthodox Jew, and I be
lieve Beilis is one, will not" even par
take of the blood of an animal.
"But the Russian government
wants somebody to justify the Rus
sian pale. The atrocities in Cuba for
which we went to war are child's play
compared to the treatment by the
czar and his police of the six million
people whose only crime is their re
fusal to adopt the orthodox religion
of Russia.
"A Russian, asked what Russia in
tended to do with the Jews, replied:
'One-third of them we will send
across the sea to America; one-third
we expect to drive into the Christian
church, and the last third we shall
tread under foot until they arer re
duced to a mere pulp.
"The Rev. Father O'Callaghan has
said that Christ was a Jew. Then,
since Russia has rejected the Jews,
she has rejected Christ
"Suppose I were to embrace the
orthodox religion of Russia, would it
change the shape of my nose? The
leopard cannot change its skin, neith
er can the Jew change his Jewish
blood by the water of baptism, and
yet as soon as a Russian Jew will
allow himself to be baptized, all doors
are open to him. It is not race pre
judice, it is religious bigotry."
Russia on Trial.
Jenkins Lloyd Jones of Lincoln
Center said that it was Russia, not
the Jews, who were on trial. Prof.
George B. Poster, who holds the chair
of comparative religion at the Uni
versity of Chicago denied the charge
that the Jewish ritual calls for sac
rificial murder.
Judge Thomas Scully of the Muni
cipal Court arranged for the Garrick
meeting and presented Judge Kick
ham Scanlan as chairman. Judge
Scully also read the resolutions,
which were unanimously adopted.
o o
Johnson How is it you never
speak to Jones now? You used to be
quite friendly with him at one time.
Brown Well, you 'see, it's like this.
When I knew him I didn't know him;
but now I do know him I don't know
U?toS,teMrisk&a& M'yfe'

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