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fathoms of blue water, till he stood
upon his feet among the sponges and
strange coral growths at the bottom
of the sea. To his delight he saw that
the sponges here were unusually fine.
Slowly for his weighted shoes make
progress slow he moved from bank
to bank, cutting at the sponges and
thrusting them into the net which he
wore strapped to his diving suit.
All at once he stopped short There,
some ten paces distant, to his amaze
ment, he saw the figure of a man
bending over the sponge bank.
Giorgios stared, and then his hands
twitched convulsively. It was his
enemy. Here, in the depths of the
ocean, where no man could inter
vene, Antonio had deliberately chal
lenged him to battle. No -doubt his
boat rested above; it must have come
up while he was below, and Kratillis
and his companion had not had cour
age to drive Antonio's vessel away, or
to signal to Giorgios by hauling upon
the line.
Giorgios crept toward Antonio. The
latter apparently remained Indiffer
ent to the death that Was imminent
or perhaps he was crouching to at
tack. The heavy glass of the hel
met and the depth of the water did
not make it easy to discern what An
tonio was planning. But Giorgios did
not care. His enemy had challenged
him, and a ferocious joy filled his
Giorgios made his way cautiously
toward him, half hidden behind the
clustering sponges then he sprang
at him and drove his knife into An
tonio's body to the hilt The other
collapsed and lay motionless upon the
oozy bottom of the Bea. Giorgios bent
over him. The single blow had done
its work. And suddenly horror came
over the, murderer.
He had slain his comrade, and all
the memories of their years together
came back to him. They had been
boys in Greece, they had sailed for
- America on the same boat, they had
been partners and friends until Maria,
with her dark hair and laughing eyes,
came between them. Giorgios had
even cherished a secret hone in his
heart that some day their friendship
would be renewed. And now this
was the end. And Maria? He dared
not think.
He must escape. Frantically he
tugged at the line, and in a moment
he had shot up through the blue sea
and was standing upon the steps of
his boat Then the helmet was re
moved, and the fresh air beat upon
his hot forehead.
He looked around for Antonio's
boat It was nowhere to be seen.
But from the edge of the boat a sec
ond line was hanging. Giorgios,
amazed and terrified, pulled at it
Up through the water came the
body of the man he had slain, the
knife still sticking between bis ribs.
As it came to the surface the helmet
fell from the head and there was re
vealed a dummy of straw!
Giorgios looked around him in be
wilderment Thence saw the grin
upon the faces of Kratillis and his
companion. The reaction overcame
him. He shouted ataf yelled for joy
and then caught the boys in his arms.
"Ah, you little rascals, to play' such
a trick upon a poor fishermanr' he
said, and the tears gushed from his
eyes. ' .
"Yes, It was my Idea," replied Kras
tillis proudly. "There was a mail in
Athens had an enemyT&nd everybody
knew he would kill him. So what did
they do but put a tailor's dummy in
his sweetheart's closet. Yes, and he
stabbed him and was sorry, and then
came to his senses. Yes, and so with
horses when they kick their stalls to
pieces we give them clapboard
stalls, and they destroy them and are
appeased. Now you will not want to
kill Antonio again."
"By gar!" shouted Giorgios, ''come,
let us go to the town and invite him
to drink wine. This is a great -day
for me. Krastillis, tomorrow, if we
are reconciled, we all gojaut together
(Copyright by W. G. Chapman.)

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