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facts! Food the kettle boiling. Our
brothers in Calumet need it They
are confronted with human vermin
who know naught but dollars. As
usual the trust press is quiet on a
matter that, to say the least, has
"news-value." Edw. J. McGoorty.
o o
By Berton Braley.
Sweetheart, before your beauty's
I make a genuflexion,
Remove, remove the kalsomine
That hides your real complexion,'
With turpentine and palette knife
Erase the vivid carmine
The which, I swear upon my life,
I do not see much charm in.
False hair, which gives your head a
Extremely like a camel,
I prithee toss it on the dump,
Scra"pe off your face enamel;
Remove the blacking from your1
The beading from your lashes,
Such make-up only serves to rouse '
My temper's sharpest flashes.
In spite of powder, rouge and paint
You hold my fond affection;
I love you for I know you ain't
As false as your complexion.
Your heart is true, your voice is low,
Your laughter rippling brooklike,
And with your make-up gone, I'd
Just what .you really look like.
o o
"You must either drink hot water
with your whisky," said a doctor to
a married man who came to him for
advice, "or you mustn't take it at all."
"But how shall I get the hot water "
asked the patient. "My wife won't
let me have it for whisky." "Tell her
you want to shave," the doctor said.
The next day the doctor called, and
asked how the patient was. "He's
gone raving mad!" his wife replied.
"He shaves every ten minutes!"
feGLVg of altitude. There wasn't any
jolting and no uneasiness such as
comes from fast riding in an automo
bile just a splendid exhilaration like
a bird soaring."
"A kind of cushiony sensation'
added his placid wife.
"I have been up before with
Glenn," continued Mrs. Martin. "At
first I wondered whether or not I
would be dizzy or seasick. But as
soon as I saw how steady the biplane
was I began to look about and enjoy
myself. We could see the country
laid out like a map.
'"Mr. Martin always thought Glenn
ought to follow his footsteps in Jhe
auto business, but Glenn must haye
had 'bird sense.' He was always tin
kering with machines when he was
little. Even when he wore dresses he
could drive a nail as good as most
carpenters. He always liked things
that would fly the way he did love to
makes kites on my kitchen floor.
"When older he spent hours watch
ing birds fly studied how they rose,
lit and sailed. Nobody thought then
that humans would ever fly; but
Glenn rigged wings for his shoulders
and learned to tack and sail before
the wind. He used them skating.
"What makes our son a great avia
tor? Nerve and self-control Most
accidents come from loss of self-control
rather than from defective me
chanism. But we know that Glenn
will never lose his nerve or self-control."
o o
Editor Day Book:
More power to your good work in
connection with copper country
strike. To one familiar with condi
tions in copper zone, your publicity is
particularly pleasing. The dastardly
methods employed by the mine
barons and their hirelings (including
State Supreme Court of Michigan),
will not long be countenanced in this
country by the working people. Give
the working people of Chicago the j

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