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science, and without being sickened
by 'the bitter cry of the children.'
They will no longer hear ringing in
their ears the lines of Elizabeth Bar
ret Browning's famous poem!
" 'But the young young children, 0
my brothers,
They are weeping bitterly;
They are weeping in the playtime of
the others,
In the Country of the Free!' "
Editor Day Book:
Nov. 26 a city civil examination for
sanitary inspector took place at the
City Hall, and out of the great crowd
of candidates only about 300 were
left after having passed the physical
test to the written examination.
The writer, who has within the last
18 months successfully passed two
separate Cook county civil service ex
aminations for rational and sanitary
cookery, also for kitchen and its ap
purtenances and sanitation, and had
therefore to satisfy three different
doctors in regard to his physical fit
ness and was found good for the ser
vice was one of those who were dis
qualified, and this on account of his
eyes being strained through having
had to work some 10 to 13 hours
daily in a basement kitchen and cheat
himself of rest and sleep in order to
prepare himself for that examina
tion. Of course, the examiner was
not aware of those facts, neither did
he trouble much to find out; but, of
course, -favor or sympathy are not
expected in such cases, but neverthe
less if all the municipal and govern
ment employes who have to wear
glasses had to be eliminated on that
account probably the service would
be much impaired.
Considering the state of unsani
tary conditions in which most of the
hotel and restaurant kitchens are in
at the present time our local has
deemed it necessary to select and ap
point one of their members and to
eend a request to the commissioner of
health for a permit or badge (if need
be) so to enable our member to exer
cise the functions of special investi
gator of the sanitary conditions of
the hotel and restaurant kitchens.
Incidentally, a copy of the said re
quest was also sent to Mayor Harri
son and to the chief sanitary inspec
tor today. Leon Pescheret,
First Vice-President Chicago
Cooks' and Pastry Cooks'
Local, No. 865.
o o
By Berton Braley.
Iknow there's sorrow on the earth,
Indeed I've felt the clutch of it, s
Vet still I seek for joy or mirth
And cannot get too much of jt.
Whatever misery I see
I do my best to lighten it,
Yet if I LIVED the tragedy
How could r help to brighten it?
If I shed tears with all that weep
No joy would ever come to me.
I would be wrapt in sorrow deep
And life would look most glum to
I see the bitterness and strife;
In fact I've had my run of it;
I know the tragedy of life,
Yet, still I find the fun of it.
Why should I wear a gloory face
Because my neighbor's wearing
Why should I bear a great disgrace
Because someone is bearing one?
I know that Fortune's golden grain
Has much of flying chaff in it,
I know that life is full of pain,
And so I seek the laugh in it!
o o
King of Albania threatened to
strike if his salary was not raised
from $30,000 to $500,000 a year. Al
bania has about 250,000 voters. The
kingat $500,000 per year, would cost
them about -$2 a year each. Well,
they might do worse. If they came
to the United States, they'd have to
pay about 100 times that much for
salaries of legimeuts of political
bosses, etc.

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