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According-to the trust newspapers,
Pres. McCormick of the County
Board is a regular little angel, a tin
god on wheels.
But it is,well to" remember that
McCormick' plays the newspaper
game, while some of the other mem
bers don't.
If Ragen, Bartzen et al. would run
errands for the newspaper bosses
they would be jollied along just like
Moriarity is and McCormick.
We are inclined to believe that
Mrs. Raymond Robins told the truth
when she said the department stores
kept a blacklist.
But how the dickens can we get
'em to stop it when they control the
big newspapers?
Gee, but business -must be bad
with some advertisers.
The American ran a whole page
ad yesterday urging people to take
their dough out of the savings bank
and run along and buy overcoats.
'Smatter with buyin' eggs?
Of course, the argument is that
you can buy for less than cost price,
but doubtless the real dope is the
merchants need the money and the
newspapers need the advertising.
John Harding's argument to labor
appears to be that about all he was
interested in was getting the label" on
school books.
Why not try getting it on some of
the trust newspapers, John?
Chicago will have a monster
Christmas tree in Grant Park. Many
baskets will be given to the poor.
Then after Christmas the big tree
will come down, and the folks who
had a temporary spasm of Christmas
cheer will forget it for another year.
Why not keep the tree standing
the year around to remind the people
v ho ride by in autos that the poor
" have with us the year around;
vnd thai it is our duty to be our
Ij ruiers' keeper 365 days in the year
instead of one.
Some politician that man McCor
mick, president of the County Board
Has the meetings packed with wo
men so he can show them what a
wonderful .man McCormick is. (m
mho. men ne piays nis mayoralty
politics to his nicely arranged au
dience. .
The lesson he isteachihg, however, '
is that a majority has no right to rule
if their rule doesn't suit the president
of the board.
McCormick was elected president
of the board, but he.wasn't elected to
be the whole thing.
Now turn the unemployed men
loose cleaning up the snow. There
is work to do, and a man who wants
to work for his living is entitled to,the
All right, hurry that currency bill
through, and then pass out some of
the currency.
What most people need just now is
currency and more of it.
. Now some mutt wants congress to
arrange to have the bones of Colum
bus dug up and taken to the Panama -Canal
Why in thunder bother the musty
bones of poor old Chris?
It wasn't his bones that discovered
America. And we do't care much
for bones anyhow.
If they could dig up his soul and
show it to modern folks who are a
bit shy on soul, it might help some.
But nix on the bones.
Mex., have appealed to Gen. Willie (M
Hearst for protection, and want him
to do all he can for them among his
Willie might try an appeatto Gary,
of the steel trust, or. .some of the
other plutes who attend his pink teas
on Riverside Drive,. N. Y.
They might organize the Powder
Puff brigade and cannonade the Mex
icans with cream puffs.
If that doesn't work, have Bris
bane write editorials at 'em

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