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fcaved in. "Mystery Surrounds his
death. No one knows-how-he came, to
such an end. The theory -was ad
vanced that he was practicing his
dare-devil feats in this alley up the
smooth, side of rtheJiotel where none
could see and that Ee took the fatal
To perform his remarkable feats,
Czarnowski us'eS no mechanical aid's.
Clad in -only a pair of tennis shoes
and ordinary street clothes, minus
his coat and vest, the young Russian
would scale to the . dizzy heights of
towering joffice 'buildings, clinging
only by the tenacious grip of his fin
gers and toes to. the ornamental out
croppings of masonry.
Two million trade unionists in America are wpndering why the Rev.
Charles Stelzle, founder of the "Department of Church and Labor" of the
3?resbyterian churcli, has left, the religious field.
Seven greatjdenominations; on this pontinent now maintain bureaus of
social service: dealing with.jthe workingman bepause Stelzle began, ten years
ago to pre'aqha .new gospel, .pleading for a better. 'Understanding between
labor and the church.; From, small beginnings in New Ypri this machinist
preacher hasbuilt upcquntry-iif q departments , and immigration, depart
ments of the;,work,tcondu.c,te.4 social surveys in city and rural communities,
directed a LaQr-Temi$eaid.ten the firstsecretary of the -.social :service
commission. of the. 5eder,al Go.UBcil.of Churches f-Ghrist ,ia America.
And nath.hemacjbiery of' these, Qrganizations running smoothly,
he steps dowjidiJutOitakeiup a,hewtpiqneerjng7 , ,...
"The wholej-people, j5Mjothsj3es of the. labor ..questipriare , ready to
face the facts," .&e says." -'TkeJumun side of ,th,e Iabpr proble.nj ia.the great
!thing. I went intothevqrkthin the .church,. np.:p. njuch to, get the
lorMngmen. tO;.gpj2hurc) -gdjqrthe workingman
and study his.4jr9ems.f.rtTieting we want tq taik-jabput is n,ot, how to
luild up the chch-.b,qfeWTtQibuild.,up therpeople. .JIhe" church is.a: means
to that end. The world is .greatly concerned today with how the people are
giving." iU r,,.--;.!!-;? ,4 .. ..--if u 1 - a
Stelzle ha&bepm cientifi.O sociologist. He has prgaijized a staff of
lalf a dozen trained inv.?&iaIors- He .proposes, to make, survey pt human
living condiUpnsf.fqijjithjer side in,r labor, cpntro'versy-rOr Jfoi! -social, service
agencies or,puMc.pf$ studied,at close
Tange, concpnjing-efmejJij.ud of managenjejntvand- emplciyestoward
ach other andj;tio$?$far and housing
sanitation and$gd lataMtio:njafe
He w4a4beXj5us, pokqajcj.ariri; $Hqa.finaIfactors
in the situatioiMv.gnvqpuiliaXsaa tp hatrJfQrnes, ,in ihe community are
i i: .1 :h .3 v: i- ' t :i
ureaiuug uuwn.no auu. wuctt jjiics are uuuuiug.iL up.
Scrub the frutf, then remove the
pe.eJJin.1quartersJ! scrape at the whijtel
pulp, Jay in .cpja; , waer and cook, ;unr?
til tender., rIrain and cufc.in.to. s,tqips
onguarLer-,inc.h, wide, Make a syrup
of one cup Qf. sugar; and one-half. jup
qf waterj. when;. .sugar is dissolved
drqp in th.e.J)eei andsCqok,u.nil clea.r,
.Remove with a fork and coat with
fine granulated sugar. This can be
kept in a paper-lined tin box.
C ' . - '.! fl-H pn-i.-- ha;-.
Chicago . .Univ.ersity-. medips. . have
pumped -green fluids intq a :?hUq :ra$'
and make jta,.green ratandvpay they'
can makaa.red.qne, ery-. wife, with
a bibulous husband', can nowstaqk. up
withjUcpjpred rats for reformatory .

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