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The day book. (Chicago, Ill.) 1911-1917, January 20, 1914, NOON EDITION, Image 19

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impossible. -If this was to be her Jast
New Year's dinner each would feel
like a murderer. Meyer Seidlitz
jumped out of his chair.
."I'll get somebody to make the
fourteenth," he said,
j "Whom?" askedRachel.
"The first person I meet," answer
ed Meyer, and departed amid shouts
of approval.
Old Isaac put down the carvers and
sighed deeply.
"I know what you're thinking of,
father," said Rachel, patting his
hand. "Poor Lawrence.
Isidor and. Abraham exchanged
glances. Lawrence was the black
sheep of the family. Success had
never come to him. Time and again
his father or his brothers had made
good defalcations and dishonesties on
his part, until at last Lawrence had
embezzled a large sum of money from
a business firm' for which he worked.
Isidor had got him that position. He
paid cheerfully, but Lawrence had
received six months' imprisonment.
He had written pitiful letters to his
parents and .brothers after his re
lease, but nobddy had trusted him
again or answered him.
"The boy's no good," Isidor de
clared emphatically. He's just crook
ed by nature."
"A bad lot," Abraham sighed.
"Still," said Rachel, "those things
are largely a matter of temptation;
I think he ought to .have had one
more chance, Isidor."
"No," said Marcus, emphatically.
"I had to struggle for nearly ten
. years before I could even be assured
of my next month's rent coming in.
If one is bad, one is bad. Don't you
agree with me, Philip?"
Philip. stirred uneasily in his chair,
He looked toward his mother. The
smiles had gone from her face and
tears were streaming down her with
ered cheeks.
"I wish the boy were here," burst
out old Isaac. "He ought to have .one
more chance. He's paid for his folly.
Don't cry, mother. I'm going to find
him and tell him so. I guess we can
do something for him yet."
"Well," said Abraham", reluctantly,
"maybe one chance more. But who
would employ him?. Who'd give him
a chance, with such a character as
he's got " '
"I will," said Isidor. 'TU take him
on in my store if he really means to
run straight."
"I knew you would, Isidor," said
Rachel, patting her brother's'hand.
"Well, I didn't quite inean what I
say," admitted Marcus. "After all,
he's our brother, and pne. ought to
stand by one's own throUgti thick and
thin," .' ' A- V " '..
"That's rightj; said P.hUTp. "Be
sides, this is New Year."
"Children', said old Isaac,. address
ing the beardeiiwmen in vehejnent
tones, "I standby what Phil. says.
This is. New Year, . and . no ihatter
whatyhas happened during the past
year, all or you meet liefefas friends
and in mutual forgiveness. Cheer up,
mother,- I'm going to. find that boy,
cost what it nmy; and' do the right
thing by him.",
"And" he, shall start In with me at
once," said Isidor.
"Gee, that turfiey smells good!"
said little Frank. :"Why don't WeVbe
gin, pa?" ,v - ,
"I wish Meyer would hurry up,"
said Rachel; and just then they heard
Meyer Seidlitz come; bounding up the
stairs. Outside the door he halted
and a heated 'discussion appeared to
be taking place.
Meyer flung the door wide 'open
and the altercation changed to a
scuffle. v
"Here he is," he yelled triumphant
ly. "First man I met. He looks as
if he wants a meal I saw him stand
ing near the water front,, looking as
though he was about ready to throw
himself in. Come in, you donker.
Don't you understand that you're, in
vited to dinner?"
He dragged him inside.
"Lawrence!" cried each, pne, rising;
and "then there was a scrimmage toj

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