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i saying, we saved our cows, but when,
we heard Miss. Abigail was starting
an agifajJonTo have .half our cottages,
pulled down, because they wasn't'
sanitary, we set up . another holler.
Miss Abigail was fighting all Tobias
then, except Small, the builder, who
was on her side, being naturally pre
judiced. '
We held a town meeting, and a few
of .us formed a committee me, Jog
Emery, Jim Byles and Luke Thompj
son. Something -had to be done td
stop Miss Abigail from making out
lives miserable. She was here and
. there and everywhere, ShcUityl some
thing to tell- the. mothers -about the
babies' feeding, and she wanted phys
iology taught in the, school, and she;
didn't think oats ought to be about
when the birds was nesting. Well;
sir, we were in the heat of the discus
sion when in walks Hi' 'Bliss.
"I hear you boys are holding a
: town meeting regarding that Perkins
Woman," he says. We were so sur
, prised to see him acting neighborly
-that we didn't know what to say.
"Make me the cnairman, says 11,
"and I'll I'll settle her. Twenty-six
cows, and saved by the skin of the
"We elected him to the chair unan-!
imously, and then lie told us his plan
There wasn't no way of getting rid of
Miss Abigail except by kidnaping herj
Hi explained that if we'd pay the
cost of the gasoline he'd get her intd
his auto, which' he'd been too mean
to use ever since he bought it, the
year before, and run her out a couple
of hundred miles over the mountains'
into Shaughnessy county, in the next
state. .
"Maybe she'll come back," we said;
:" 'No, she won't,' says Hi, grinningj
'I'm going to'make her think I'm run-
ning away with her to marry her, and
by thunder, I'll make her think she's
escaped me. by a. miracle.' ii
-"Wen, sir, Miss ADigaii. uKe most,
old maids hadn't no use for maWr
mony. Not that she refused to recog
nize it as a divine institution, but
she looked on it very much as the
Apostle Paul did, and we agreed that
Hi's scheme would' most1 likely scare
her out of Tfobias. Hi was to start
out on the follering morning and Iock.
for Miss Abigail along the shore.
She'd got a scheme for putting oil
on the waters of the crick, to kill next
year's mosquitoes, and it seemed safe
enough for Hi to reckon on finding
her there and kidnaping her before
anyone could come to help, if any
one wanted tb:
"We put up ten dollars apiece for
gasoline and sundries,; .including
wear -oi It ,was cheap at, .the
rprfce,-but-;we found -afterwards that
Hi Bliss made agoqd, profit dufc of
the deal, as he'usually did. TJie next
morning, sure enough Hi, came spin
ning along in his automobile.
" 'I'll be back tomorrow night,
boys,' he says, winking. 'Have you
seen her?' t
uVte had. She was down; to. the
crick with a. Watering-can . full-1 of
kerosene.. Wetipped Hi off and sort of
waited around'. Ten minutes' laterwe
. heard the worst yelling-'- you evr
imagined, and-a" minute afer that
Hi's automobile come whizzing along
the road.iibiuingjHiEdiMiss Abi
gail. She was", clinging roundpls neck
and shoutitfg 'kidnaper!' inla voice
that ought to have waked atf Tobias.
But nobody offered tot interfere. as
the auto. went by, andspresently we
see it whizzing up the road toward
the nills, and Miss Abigail stiil' cling
ing to Hi's neck.
"We j waited a. week, .and then an
other, and at the end of that time we
sadly agreed that there must have
been some, accident. We guessed'the
auto had been upset and both their
nepks broken, and- nobpdy grieved
very much as the third week went
by and the fourth came in.
"About the middle of the fourth
weekJEH-comes-JDOwling into town,
and with him Miss Abigail, looking as
spruce as a new pin. Hi 'stops the,
-"''Boys,' he says, 'let me; present

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