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If you saw a big,jiigly, furry-legged,
furry-bodied spider, 'still entangled
in some of its web, exhibited in a mu
seum as a golden butterfly would it
not arouse your indignation?
Yet every day in the week the same
sort of deception is practiced by so
called philanthropists who foist plans
hideous and cruel as spiders on the
public and .label the plans "golden
butterflies Qf opportunity."
The latest one is proposed by the
greate'st set of. schemers in this re-spect-r-the
business men. And it is
proposed in the name of a class of
people upon whose misfortune so
called, philanthropists coin inore
money than upon any other form of
misery the unemployed. "
It is a place where work will be
given to men who are down-and-out.
The Salvation Army introduced the
scheme long since and has made
enormous profit out of it. The Volun
teers copied the' plan and have reaped
an enormous profit. The United Char
ities has the Christian Industrial
League, where the same plan is fol
lowed, and it has proven so success
ful that they contemplate opening a
second place of its kind.
In each instance, as is proposed in
this latest scheme, the real charity is
to come from the people, not to the
unemployed, but to the philanthro
pists. Many a woman has given furniture
and clothing to the Salvation Aimy
and their kindred beggars with the
idea that it benefited some poor
mortal who needed this help, only to
grow disgusted when she learned that
the poor had to buy what she had
The business men are a little more
shrewd even than the S. A., for to
avoid later discoveries of this kind
they announce in the beginning that
they mean to sell the material do
nated to them by people who will
wear the golden butterfly label of
But they gloss this over by telling
you that when you donate this mater
ial you are providing a double charity,
work for the unemployed and an op
portunity for the poor to buy your
discarded stuff at a small profit to the
They will give work to the unem
ployed, for only the man who is hun
gry and shelterless would work for
such philanthropists at the starvation
wages they offer.
The Salvation Army has a host of
men, victims of circumstances, who
have applied for work, only to be
given employment that should be
compensated at the rate of not less
than $12 a week and for which they
receive a bunk, food that is not
strength-sustaining nor even hunger
satisfying and a paltry dollar or two
a week, which keeps the man in a
continual state of servitude and has
helped the S-. A. in its collection of
several millions' profit.
The same plan has been followed
by each of the other philanthropists
and is to be followed by the "business
men." The unemployed will, for a
pittance, make your old furniture
look like new, collect your magazines
to be sold by the philanthropists for
paper waste, and even teach other
men how to do this work, and by this
scheme not only will one band of men
be forced a scab upon another, but
the unemployed will sink still deeper
into a state of hopeless dependency.
But not yet is the farce complete
After these men have been paid scab
wages theip handiwork will be sold
to the poor at a slight profit. The
thing you discarded as useless and
on which some man has donated at
least three-fourths -of his service,
since he will not be paid one-fourth
of what it is worth, the poor will buy

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