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dered 2 I were wrong in not telling
Dick about this, as he has always
taken such evident pride in my com
plexion. He does not seem to under
stand that many a woman's make
up prevents her holding the mirror
up to nature.
I reatfy was going to tell him that
morning in New York on our wed
ding trip, but he began such a tirade
on the use of rouge and how no wo
man could .fool him when she painted
her face that I had a nervous chill
and kept my mouth shut
There is nothing which shows the
inconsistency of man or his slavish
regard for traditions as does his ideas
in regard to how a woman should en
hance her good looks, and, besides
this, I have known men whose wives
were trying to live up to this idea and
who went about "just as nature
made them" to violently admire other
women who consulted their vanity
cases every fifteen minutes.
Rouge on a man's wife (if he
knows it) is a question of morals; on
any other woman it is a question of
taste, and not always bad taste at
I have learned many things since
I was married about the mind of man
that I did not know before. Every
man wants his wife to be good look
ing. But he don't want to think that
she uses any artificial means to
make herself so.
I can't understand just why one
should not use everything to make
one's self good looking, just as one
uses ever means to make one's self
I am rather proud of the fact that
I have had acumen enough to know
what would improve my Jooks and
have had the good sense to do it.
As we sat. there eating the inevit
able beefsteak I wondered again just
how intimate a husband and wife
should be. Does not the fact that
you know everything about him and
he knows everything about you miti
gate perfect happiness?
If familiarity does not breed con
tempt it at least makes boredom.
Just how much must one tell one's
husband or wife to be perfectly hon
est and honorable without telling
enough to absolutely quench curios
ity? It is human nature to always look
for new worlds to conquer, whether
in the material world or the world of
ideals. I don't think I would love
Dick so well if I were sure that I knew
all about him knew just what he
would do under all circumstances.
And I am sure that one of my great
est fascinations for Dick is that he
does not know me wholly.
And yet here's the rub: If I don't
tell Dick about my little complexion
subterfuges and he find them out he
will be hurt. He is so sure that "no
woman" can fool him on that score;
(To Be Continued Tomorrow.)
o o
8 o'clock "You know, Mr. Worth
ington, that papa bought a new tour
ing car last week. Well, this morn
ing we went for a spin out in the
country and we came so near to run
ning over a darling little Jersey calf
that I just had to scream I couldn't
help it."
9 o'clock "Well, Ethel told me so,
and so did one of the other girls, and
of course I was jealous that's how
I happened to write the note, but
you're not angry any more, are you?"
10 o'clock "Yes, Richard, that's
one of mother's bracelets. She said
I could wear it just for this evening.
Don't you think it handsome? Don't!
That hurts!"
11 o'clock "I always did love to
sit and look at the stars. Just see
that teeny little star that stays so
close by the big bright one!"
Midnight "O Dick, I'm so glad
that I gave you a shaving set for your
birthday last week. Now ybur face
is so nice and smooth. Look, there
goes a shooting star, Dick!"
o o
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