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The day book. (Chicago, Ill.) 1911-1917, March 10, 1914, NOON EDITION, Image 19

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"Anthony looked at her, and his
grouch began to clear away. He al
ways liked pretty girls.
" 'You sure are a peach, kiddo,' he
said, and chucked her under the chin.
'How about the movies tonight?'
"With that he was gone, leaving
poor Letty in a heaven of ecstacy.
Her god had noticed here again; he
was going to take her out. That
flashy chap was a king in Letty's
"I guess Anthony wanted to take
her out all right, though he hadn't
the slightest notion that he had ever
met her before. But he fell in with
some of the boys, and they got him
into a poker game, and when he got
out, at midnight, he was $72 in the
hole. And by that time he had for
gotten all about Letty, who had been
waiting' ah" primped up since eight
"Letty cried herself to sleep, and
next morning Anthony was gone be
fore she was down in the office.
"She gave up hope then, but she
stayed on at the 'tavern,' keeping the
books. She wouldn't have anything
to do with the young fellows of
Wakefield, but she was always nice to
traveling men. About the time when
Anthony was due again she began to
ask timid questions about him. But
nqbody told her much; you see, they
guessed something had happened be
tween them. But at last Letty got the
truth from a young salesman who
was making the rounds.
" 'Anthony?' he asked, 'Why, he
won't be here any more. I'm covering
his territory now for King & Co. You
see, they caught him with the goods,
" 'Goods?' inquired Letty puzzled.
'' 'Yes. Two thousand dollars he
had taken to gamble with. His case
comes up for trial pretty soon, and
ne'll likely get about four years as a
first offender. Poor old Anthony!
When he comes out he'll have hard
work getting on his feet again.'
"Next day Letty accepted two
thousand dollars for her house, which
had gone up a good deal more than
that in value, resigned""-her position,
and started for New York. She went
to King & Co.
" 'I want to see Mr. King on im
portant business,' she said.
"The clerk took her in and Mr.
King stared at her, and she stared
back at him. There was something
tragical about Letty in little things.
People didn't like the way she looked
into their minds.
"Mr. King was growing uncomfort
able when Letty burst out: 'If I pay
you will you let him out, Mr. King?'
" 'I beg your pardon. Whom are
you talking about?' asked the head
of the firm.
" 'Mr. Anthony, sir,' said Letty, de
positing her two thousand dollars up
on the table, and Mr. King stared
harder than ever.
" "Who are you?' he asked, eyeing
first her and then the money. 'You
ain't his wife, because he wasn't mar
ried last time I heard.'
" 'I'm going to be,' said Letty
"Well, King was. glad enough to
drop the proceedings, and' he took
Letty round to the jail, to see him.
Anthony didn't feel too good to see
King, but when he learned that he
was to be free he saw the point.
" 'You can thank this young wo
man instead of me,' says Mr. King.
'And let me tell you I wouldn't have
taken her money if it hadn't been for
the fact that she was engaged to you.
In my opinion she is a good deal too
good for you.' With which he turned
on his heel, leaving Letty and An
thony looking at each other. To the
best of his knowledge Anthony had
never seen her before in all his life.
He thought it was a game put up
by some of his friends.
" 'Whose money was it, my dear?'
he asked.
" 'Mine,' answered Letty proudly. 'I
know you don't care for me any
more, but when I heard you were in
trouble it seemed seemed only right

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