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The. Tags Men Wear A reader .of
The Day Book 'phoned me yesterday
and in a friendly manner. told me that
some people gathered the impression
from snmefhlncj- T cniri in iha atnrv
jfc about "Why. Policemen Toady to the
xuuu uiai i was inenaiy to me jaiu
olics. I tlod him I wasn't surprised, be
caused I had heard The Day Book
criticized by some Catholics as being
a Socialist newspaper, and by some
- Socialists as being a Catholic news
paper. So long as my conscience is clear
and.I believe I am right, I won't worry
about the impressions people get. And
they will get various impressions
people get. And they will get various
impressions about The Day Book, and
about me, according to what's run
ning through their own minds.
All readers can gamble on one
thing, however, and that is that I
have no strings on me and will say
whatever I think in this newspaper;
and I would be superhuman if every
body agreed with me.
Beneath the surface I find that
there is no real difference between
the manhood of Catholics and the
, manhood of Protestants, any more
than there is any difference between
the manhood of Democrats, Repub
. licans and Socialists.
And there isn't any phase of my
feelings toward all of them that I
have the slightest hesitation about
fk I am friendly to all humanity; and
thereforevI am friendly to Catholics.
! And! am just as friendly to:Socialists,
or to eMthodists, Presbyterians,
Lutherans, .Baptists, Christian Scien-
, tisti, Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights
of Columbus, Republicans, Demo
crats, Progressives, Guardians of Lib
erty, "White Sox or Cubs and I don't
belong to any of them.
My father was a Methodist and my
1 mdther'a Quaken .My wife is a Pres-
byterian or is 1 when she goes to
church. And' my feeling toward all of
.them would be just the same if they
had been Catholics, Theosophists,
Episeopaleans or Mohammedans.
I find about all the religion I can
live up to in the Golden Rule, and I
fall far short of living up to that. It
keeps me busy even trying to live up
to it. I want to be a free, untram
meled soul, and I don't want to be
long to anything less than the whole
human thing the brotherhood of
I want to be as just to all men as
I can with what light I have; and I
can't be just to all men if I am un
friendly to any of them. And . I -do
flatly refuse to judge the manhood
of my fellow men by the party tags
they wear, orby how or where they
worship God.
I don't belong to any church or any
party. I prefer to be in position to
have the good there is in all of them
belong to me. And I have no preju
dice against any human being be
longing to any church or party he
wants to belong to: That's HIS busi
ness. It's none of mine.
I am fully aware of the fact that
there isj a tremendous movement on
in this country today .that isn't being
mentioned in the newspapers. It is a
delicate subject, rune deep into hu
man prejudices and newspapers as a
rule are afraid to take sides for fear
of getting in a jam.
I have intended to discuss this
movement some time when the spirit
moved me, and probably will. I refer
jto the anti-Catholic movement, under
the leadership of The Menace and
the Guardians of Liberty.
I think one reason I feel inclined to
discuss it is because al lother editors
appear to be afraid of it; but as I am
a free, unattached American citizen
and not subject to the whim or
caprice or prejudice of advertisers,
and neither a Catholic nor a Guar
dian of Liberty, I believe I can dis
cuss the subject with candor) and
, without prejudice".

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