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Lutheran . charges at Rohrerstown
and Chestnut Hill and Rev. Landis is
minister to' the Lutheran Church of
the Redeemer and also the Church of
the Ascension in .Lancaster. Both
ministers drew the same salary and
their wives were much together.
Last Sunday .the stork fluttered
over the home of Rev. Yerger. The
minister met a nurse at the door of
Mrs. Yerger's bedchamber and the
nurse said: "A fine boy, Dr. Yerger."
The minister was rubbing his hands
gleefully when the nurse reappeared
and exclaimed: "And now a little girl
has come. Beautiful twins, Dr. Yer
ger." That day Rev. Yerger sent the
word of double joy over to his friends,
Rev. and Mrs. Landis. They sent con
gratulations, and, until last Thursday
it appeared that the parallel events in
the lives of the two couples had been
broken. But the stork, a consistent
bird, evened matters up nicely. Early
in the morning of that day Rev. Lan
dis was poised on the threshold of
Mrs. Landis' bedroom when a nurse
appeared. "A fine boy has come for
you, Dr. Landis," she exclaimed and"
quickly retreated back into the room.
Dr. Landis was walking up and down
the floor, rubbing his hands in glee,
when the nurse again appeared at the
door and whispered quickly, "Dr.
Landis, a sweet little girl has come,
too. You have splendid twins."
Of course the baby girls will be
named in honor of tbe mothers ancf
the boys in honor of the proud fathers.
Willie Uncle, why did the egg
Uncle Eh? I don't know.
Willie Because the steak looked
so tender! '
With Great Britain spending $14,
000,000 more than last year on her
navy it looks as if that little sugges
tion about disarmament was becom
ing frayed at the edges-
new york.- certen yung husband
that lives up in harlem has got the
icebox habbit
after a good supper, he will slip out
to bowl a few games or go to a lodge
meeting, then sneek in about 12 g. m.
and fill up on anything that looks
good to him
his wife thought there was sum
thing funny about the way sections of
pie and dishes of pudding and one
thing and another would disappear,
but she hadent got wise to frend hus
band, and she suspeckted the hired
the girl she was wise all rite, but
she wasent going to say nuthing as
long as nobod'dy else did
well, one morning after they had
had brekfust and hubby had left for
his offis, mrs. wife desided to ask a
frend for lunch, and she looked' into
the refrijerater for pretty near a
whole pudding that had been left the
nite befoar
she has good eyesight, but she
couldent diskover no pudding
she loked very sternly at the hired
girl, and she says, clara, can you tell
me where is that pudding that was
left from last nite
yes, mam, ansers clara, i can tell
you where it is, all rite
it has just went down town
which being the case, something
was said to somebody about some
thing when the pudding came home
that nite
o o
It's a good thing the moon is
eclipsed once in a while. Folks are
so busy nowadays, they don't get
time to look up and enjoy the beauty
of a great big round full moon.

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