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Courts Have Too Much Power.
One thing the matter with the land of
the free just now is that courts have
hogged too much power. .
We have had too much govern
ment by judges, and kept judges at
The attempt right here in Chicago
to get more power for the Municipal
Court is one of the rottenest things
rotten politics las ever tried in this
city of rotten politics.
The cheapest commodity in Chi
cago is human life. Now it is pro
posed to make human liberty even
cheaper than that.
For their own protection the peo
ple should vote down any scheme to
grant, additional power to already
too-powerful courts.
If the proposed act becomes a law
any individual, the state's attorney
or the attorney general can put any
other individual on trial on any
charge except murder and treason by
merely filing an information.
Wilson and the H.-H. If the
Hearst-Harrison Democracy expects
to get anywhere it had better get
busy and get its democracy on
Hearst is busy night and day try
ing to carve his name in President
Wilson's back and rip the Democratic
party frojn stem to gudgeon, A to
Izzard and Soda to Hock.
In the meantime, Harrison is sup
posed to. be a perfectly good Demo
crat,' entirely regular and standing
by the party administration until the
cows come home.
It would- seem that that kind of
pulling both ways from the H.-H.
hyphen would result in something
giving way.
Wilson's Enemies. That's a fine
bunch of Democrats that is fighting
President Wilson and seeking to dis
credit him and weaken his influence.
There's Champ Clark, who Is uch
a poor loser that he has had a grouch
on ever since he lost the presidential
nomination at Baltimore.
Then there is Oscar Underwood,
another disappointed presidential
candidate, of natural reactionary
leanings, and who is a Democrat
principally because he lives in the
Next comes Willie Noodles Hearst,
journalistic tool of Big Business and
chronic candidate for president and
prestige. Hearst backed Champ
Clark for the presidential nomination,
and has never forgiven Wilson and
Bryan for giving him and his gang a
good licking at Baltimore.
Last but not least is Charley Mur
phy, boss of Tammany Hall, and pal
of Ryan, Belmont and other plutes
who got a trimming at that same
Fitzgerald of New York might be
mentioned, but he stands for what
Murphy stands for, and has been the
Tammany leader of the rankly reac
tional element of the Democratic
party in the lower house of con
gress. Outside of this bunch, Wilson ap
pears to be all right, with the coun
try back of him.
o o
Seattle, April 2. If the United
States gets into a war with the rest
of the world. Rep. Humphrey of
Washington will be given a conspicu
ous position on the firing line, if the
citizens of Seattle can arrange it.
Thomas R. Horner, a local attor
ney, and a number of other promi
nent men today telegraphed Hum
phrey at Washington as follows:
"We have read your brilliant
speech declaring your own and your
country's willingness to .fight the
world. In such a gigantic struggle,
your patriotic services will be need
ed and we proffer our efforts to ob
tain for ypu a conspicuous position
in the front of the firing line."
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