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Some of My Brothers. I have met
some interesting men in Chicago, and
you may be surprised to learn that
some of the most interesting human
brothers I have met would be classed
in the so-called criminal class by so
cial reformers.
Of course, there is no such thing as
one criminal class unless we all be
long to it. There are as many classes
of criminals and among criminals as
there are among us "good" people. I
class myself among the "good" not
because I am good, but because I
haven't ben arrested and branded.
And when I speak of "good" peo
ple and "bad" people, I admit I don't
know who's good and who's bad. In
fact, I don't know "g d" from "bad."
As for people, none i& wholly good or
wholly bad.
And by looking for the good I am
sure to find in everybody, I find so
much good in the bad ones that
sometimes I become prejudiced in
their favor, and look upon some peo
ple as good who are generally reputed
to be bad.
I must modify that statement, in
order to be truthful. I imagine my
mind works like any other human
mind. Anyhow, when anybody is
touted as dreadfully good I just
naturally look for the bad. When
they are touted as bdd I look for the
I don't have to look for the good in
good people when everybody else is
advertising it; and I don't have to
look for the bad in bad people when
all the good peopleuadvertise it.
I guess most of us like to drag
other people either up or down to our
own level. And yet, in every, one of
us there is a deep-seated human sys
pathy, a sympathy as old as hu
manity. This good and bad proposition has
given me a lot of trouble. I couldn't
quite understand how so many good
people were so chilly and uncompan
ionable and so many bad people were
so lovable and human. I found that
really good people were very charit
ably disposed toward supposedly very
bad people; and I couldn't find much
to love in the good people who hated
the bad people.
I thought I understood Christianity
when I read my Bible, but I got mixed
up in it when I met Christians. I
mean folks who admitted or boasted
that they were Christians. I found
that some of them were liars.
I had been taught by some who had.
opportunity early in my life to help
shape my thoughts that gamblers
were bad men. I was shocked once
as a cub reporter to find out about
a gambler who sent a sick down-and-out
to the hospital, paid his way
there until he got well, then fitted
him out with socks, underwear,
clothes, shoes, shirt, collar, hat, etc.,
and gave him a fresh start in life.
It may be that many good Chris
tian ministers do that every day, but
I haven't happened to hear about it.
I had no gambling interest in gam
blers, for I don't gamble, don't play
cards or any other game of chance.
The only reason I don't is because I
just don't feel like it. It seems such
a waste of time and energy.
Now, in that particular gambler the
good cropped out. I have known
other gamblers whose habits were
such that the bad stuck out and they
seemed to be almost wholly detest
I had been taught that saloon
keepers were bad men, but as I grew
up and came to know many of them
through my own observation I found
that most of them were good hus
bands, fathers, brothers, sons and
citizens. They love'd their wives and
children and had more good impulses
and instincts than bad ones.
CSome of them do. things to make
money that I wouldn't want to do, al
thought I won't say what I wouldn't
do under given circumstances, be
cause I don't know.
However, I think saloonkeepers a'rq

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