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ccident! The scientists have got around to it again in respect of
another important particular the origin of life on this globe.
United in killing off the biblical story of creation, the professional
philosophers finally agreed upon the earth's self-creation. That is, an
original accidental'thickening of gases, solidification of the same and an
accidental selection of a safe place in the universe of whirling stars, suns
and planets. The accident is not really admitted, but a great law of gravi
tation is advanced by virtue of which this comparatively small ball, the
earth, has been, for millions of years; going safely about its business
amidst the extinguishment of bodies thousands of times as big which had
got outside the law,- by accident or otherwise.
This proposition, as we've said, has come to be quite generally ac
cepted by the scientists. But it had its weakness in that, while the human
of average intelligence could Imagine this globe to be the product of an
accidental conglomeration of gases, conception of accidental production
of life was tremendously difficult. This the scientists now think they have.
Manyi years ago, Sir Wm. Thompson held that life was first brought'
to this planet by a meteorite, from a star. Sir "William nearly golMricked
for this, when it became known that it would take about 60 million years .
to travel from the nearest star and that meteorites travel in white hot con- -dition.
Surely, no germ could stand the trip.
Lately, the University of Berlin has taken up experiments made by
Prof. Benj. Moore and it is announced that life probably began on this
earth by accidental combination of chemicals.
Chlorophyll is the life principle of plants. Prof. Moore took a strong
solution of uranium nitrate, treated it with carbonate of ammonia and got '
something that performs as "chlorophyll. That is, he converted the inor
ganic into organic. The original life-germ of this earth, then, was the ac
cidental production of chloiophyll. See? - A
To cut the story short, much shorter than the scientists would have
us, that yarn about our ascending from back-boneless worms, fish, birds
and monkeys isn't working as it used to, so to speak. "We're descendants
from plants. Our ancestors were nof the apes but the cabbages, maybe,
if you speculate back far enough. One of the blessed features about this
scientific digging up of our original ancestors is that it gives a fellow such
a wide range of choice and establishes an absolute equality of ancestral
grade. Our ancestors were, one time, all stub-tailed babboons, or cab
'bages, or onions or such, anyway.
o o
The Mediterranean and the Red
Sea are joined by the Sewage Canal.
Cataract is the name of the moun
tain on which the ark rested.
Milton was called the father of
English poetry because he was blind
and his daughter did the writing for
James I claimed the throne of
England through his grandmother
as he had no father.
When Mary had a little lamb,
Whose fleas were white as snow,
Each time she rubbed on turpentine
Thd lamb was sure to go.
o a
In rural schools in Missouri, girls
are organized into "pick and shovel,
clubs" under the auspices of the Na
tional Congress of Mothers.
o o
Some of the spring dresses are
made up of plain and the figured silk.
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