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For the'Ttev. Dr. Parkhurst says:
"We believe that if -the I. W. W.'s
would come into our churches we
Qould benefit them in their inner life.
But we do not, as Organized churches,
exist for the purpose xt benefitting
them in their outward economic con
dition." Perhaps, after reading this, .you
will say that the I W. W.'s or any
other "radical" gathering of men
made their mistake in entering a
church for the purpose of gaining
shelter from the storm that raged
outside and not for the purpose of
obtaining "spiritual" food.
But if we grant that, who is there
who will give them the material ne
cessities? Will our capitalists throw
open their empty buildings? Oh, my
no. Will our city council throw open
the city hall? Oh, my, no.
Will we give these radicals a
chance to work and earn a decent liv
ing wage that will turn them back
from radicalism, which, means hatred
of all forms ofagovernment? Oh, my
no. we win utilize tnem wnenever
we need cheap labor, and we will pay
them with a night's lodging in a mu
nicipal lodging house and a meal of
stew and black coffee.
And if they Tebel against our "char
ity" we will join in the pious denun
ciation of the 'Rev. Dr. Parkhurst,
who says: "And if- during all these
times of industrial depression we do
all that we can in the way of tempo
rary relief (spiritual food and mu
nicipal shelter) r and then are met
with execration and threats and mu
tinous parades, the thing that re
mains to be done is punishment,
quick and hard and unintermittent,
.and by none more than by the Chris
tian element of the city will the po
lice be sustained in their prosecution
of that policy."
That sentence alone of the Rev. Dr.
'Parkhurst's is as strong a cry of
"Hang the witch" as ever arose from
the fear-stricken throats of our fore
bears. "Radicalism" is "witchcraft." It
destroys our snug satisfaction with
ourselves; it tears aside our pretense
Hhat life is a nice, delightful sailing
over smooth waters, and shows us
that it is a turbulent stream full of
wreckage; it refuses to permit us to
fold our hands over well-filled stom
achs and say "all is well with the
world," and it thrusts gaunt, starved
faces in at our Window panes; it
brings-a chill of vthe cold of the shelt
erless man right, to our fireside where
we are dozing in comfortable
warmth; it tears down with thin
bloodless fingers our bulwark of na
tional prosperity and shows us that
the prosperity is but a thin outer
crust and beneath it is layer upon
layer of the direst poverty.
And we refuse to have these things
thrust upon us, for that is "witch
craft" and so we delicately clap our
gloved hands together when the law
takes from ns the necessity of per
sonal lynchings and throws these
"radicals" in jail. And we utter a low
"Amen" td the remarks of the Rev."
Dr. Parkhurst that "they tramped up
on our institutions."
SjVitS Pffi oyr- '
"You dance divinelv. Mr. Stenner.
Were you ever in Argentine?"
"was ir sure."
"What were you doing there?" '
"Teaching them tae tango'
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