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absence of social centers are worse
than intemperance.
' When' the death-bloWls. given to
the saloon, those who deal.the blby '
must devise something to perpetuate
the free intercourse, the democratic
traditions, the good fellowship, and
the club lif6 of the, saloon. There must
be some place where people will Jike
to come for games, for .food and-,
drink; for sociability, for iitecussibn7 -for
relaxation. .
, Men iike to herd by themselves, at"
times. Women" bore them, vfheref ore)
there must tie places wherejnehmayS
have the man-life they Ike, and -which
tEey have always enjoyed-fa
-thesslOon. Intoxicating drinks are'o
not necessary to such places; But.
; something exciting and ab6rbing':is
Drinking; 1s exciting and absorbing:
That's- its chief lure. ..."
' Milwaukee certain drisklng je-
sorcs iquhu uieuiseiYeo wtuuuuu .
paying patronage after the people -got
in the. habit of meeting' fordancing,
debHefc and sociability kt tfte school;
house "social centersT 'in "this isa
jrjegnant suggestion for -the women
who are going to put the lialocrh out
ot'.bjislness. " . .
''Eliding the saloon will riot -end in- ,
temperance. It may lessen It; but, on
the other handlt may dnly divert it -into
still more evil channelicthan the
nefarious ones in which it new for the
most fends to flow. As the liquor traf-t
L fie is beaten back la battle iafter.bat-
tle, cocaine, heroin,, morpmne and
other narco.tics ar threatening us
with a form df 'temperance as much
worse than alfidholic drunkenness as"
is possible to imagine; Xainj Inclined
to believe. that'the Increase of. the
Ldrng habit is, -,4jp aonie extent, the
effect 01 tne success 01 me anu-sa-Ioon
movement; but I may be wrong
fn,-tHis,; Anyhow, dope in various
fdrrris'is takjngthe place of booze. .
Let the women study this matter
too. It is related, terrifyingly, to their;
political activities. '
The first great problem which Wo
man suffrage forces on society is :the
provision of something, tc(;take the
place of the saloon.
In the decent election in UlinoiS,
voting akmgsida the men, .with" the
same surroundings ahdr influences
acting upoft them, sixty-four women
out of every hundred. .voted. dry, and
only thirty-five men.
This indicates that .the -cause of
prohibition Is nearly twice as "strong
among women voters as among men.
I, therefore, beg to suggest to the
- women who are setting out to give-
. the saloon its death-blow l that then
duty doesHot end with destructiqn.;
jonstrucuqn musi go wiui iu me
saloon is not all evil. It is the recruit-
ing station-for the- great army rif-
arunKarasi dux it is somepmes more;'
It is a clulv a place of hospitality, jin
arena for the upbuilding' of democ
racy, and a'Teal social center as well
as a dive. '' ;
I would rather have .people, meet in
a saloon thin not to meet at all. iso
lation, lacfc of mutual understanding,
' """Beware of starting on a long jdur-:,
ney on Friday."
"Why, Madame Fortuneteller?"
"Becauge you wouldn't be on hand
to draw you,salary Saturday.".-

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