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ausrtal v disturbances, the. political,'
bosses-may makeit difficult for them-i
to be renominated, nhd the news
paper bosses may defeat them for re
election if they are nominated.
The truth is judges are no differ
ent from tbere6t; of us. They are
slaves. Not one of them is free. A
'W the bench and be free. That's why
some of them resign.
Judges know that on a showdown
newspapers that are slaves of adver
tisers1 or Big' Business will oppose the
election of judges that don't conduct
themselves on the bench as those in
terests think they ought to.
Under our system of political nom
inations and elections, the moment a
judge takes his seat on the bench he
must prepare for renomination and
re-election. Unless he is an ujiusuaL
ly"strong character and not many of
them are unusually strong charac
ters he will be careful not to offend
the powers that make and unmake
judges. He wants to save his job.
That will be so as long as we have
government by newspaper controlled
politicians. f
If I had my way about it I would
have judges elected for an indefinite
term, subject to recaH by the people.
That would mean that a judge would
stay on the bench during good be
havior and the people would be the
fudges as to whether his behaviorJ
was gooa or naa.
I would then favor recalling a
r judge who didn't have brains -enough
to interpret the law with an intelli
gent understanding of what public
opinion wants the law to be.
But even before we can have it
that way and get what the people
want, we must 'get rid of newspaper
government. It's too easy now for
Special Privilege to secretly control
newspapers, color the news and fool
the public.
It's all rot to elect a judge because
he happens to be a Democrat or Re
publican because neither of those
words means anything nowadays
While I would feel more hopeful of
getting justice for workers from a
Socialist juJge than from a Repub
lican, a Democrat or a Progressive
judge, still I would prefer a judge
who owed no allegiance to any party,
class or special interest just a, judge,
or a just judge one who couldn't
tell the difference between friend or
foe or party tags and labels.
But it wouldn't help any to-try to
ascertain . the difference between
Judges Stewart and Wlndes. I as
sume that both are human beingsj
that both wear pants and socks, eat,
sleep and love and are loved. One may
wear a different colored necktie from
the other; one may be older and have
bigger feet than the other but that
cuts no figure. It all depends upon
how their minds work, wha.t their
ideals are and how much courage
they have.
I presume judges are like so many
workingmen who salaam to the boss
because they want to hang onto their
jobs. And with politics as they are
now, the better the judge the more
danger he is in of losing his job.
If we ever achieve genuine de
mocracy in this alleged republic, then
the juster a judge is the harder it
iwill be fpr the hosts of privilege to
get his goat or his job.
It may help some for the people
to forget their politics and defeat on
election day every judge whose ideas,
of law and justice they don't like,
o o
Solomon Grundy
Hesitated Monday,
One stepped Tuesday,
Tangoed Wednesday,
Lame-ducked Thursday, , .-.
Maxixed Friday,
Half-and-halfed Saturday,
And as there was nothing left to
learn, except La Purlana, which isn't
popular yet,
Rested Sunday
This is the end
Of Solomon Grundy.
.New York Tribune, '
feift''i.""'riT C

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