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Refrigerators are -supposed to be
necessary to the preservation of food,
but many times, through careless
ness, they are exactly the opposite.
A good (not necessarily an expen
sive) refrigerator is a profitable in
vestment; but unless one knows or
studies it from all sides, in, out, up
and down, we often find a refriger
ator is a very expensive house fur
nishing. .
The best arranged are those having
the ice chamber on one side, with a
swinging door. This spaceshould be
large enough "to store at least 125
pounds of ice, and the ice chamber
should not be opened.
Ice is wasted by constant contact
with warm air from outside. There
never should he any food kept in this
ice space. The only things permissi
ble are the water bottles, which
should be filled and laid inside.
If you contemplate purchasing a
new refrigerator, do not overlook the
fact that if the lining is white you
can detect the" slightest mold or any
other dirt which might be neglected
on a dark surface.
The ice chamber, if one is careful
not to place any food in it, may be
kept in perfect condition with a thor
ough cleansing once a week. Remove
the ice and the bar it rests on. Do
not use warm water. Take cool water
with any of the cleansing powders or
a little ammonia, and wipe every inch
and corner of tie space, and flush
the pipe with cold water. A little
cold water will not flush the pipe;
you need a force or a deluge of water
which acts like a torrent to sweep
the drain pipe of anything it may
All food should be kept covered.
The little granite pails of different
sizes that may be purchased for 10
cents are most, valuable in the re
frigerator. Milkbottles should be!
kept closed with a paper cap or a cup
turned over the top.
Not enough thought or knowledge
is given to the drainage or waste pipe.
Any drain pipes donnect directly with
the sewei system of our homes. This
is very unsafe. The only safe way to
do is to have a reliable plumber ar
range the pipes so there may be no
direct connection between the" sewer
and where food is kept
The old" wooden-lined ice boxes
may be freshened andr the musty
smell removed by giving the entire
inside a coat of lime. "Wash the en
tire inside with a strong solution of
soda water. Dry in the sun, if pos
sible; if not, leave open until per
fectly dry. Mix a quart of quicklime
with water to the consistency of
cream. Apply 'wjth a wide, paint brush
to every riart'of the lining. This will
be satisfactory if used? on the dark
zinc lining. If the first coat does not
make the' inside white, give it anoth
er coat 'Of the lime wash." "If the
refrigeratoV'is Iri good condition, and
the lining-is of zinc and haSffcecome
dark colorfed, 'give the entire inside
two or three coats -of bathtub
enamel -allowing the different coats
to thoroughly dry each time before
applying a second or third coat. The
cleanliness and drainage of our re
frigerators may affect" our whole
Jf the ice box is damp, a bowl con
taining a lump of nnslacked lime (the
size of an egg or a cup) placed on the
top shelf will absorb much of the
Every housewife should inspect her
refrigerator every day if she wishes
to keep her food sweet, her grocery
bills small and the health of her fam
ily good.
The wooden roof" of Westminster
Hall, in London, was recently repair- "
ed for the first time in five hundred

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