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Editor Day Book: Reading your
paper steady for about two years,
and not understanding your writing,
I wish to find out whether my mind is
so dulll, or your writing is so high
and deep, or it is so poor that it can't
be understood.
Your writing is woven through with
Christianity. You are a Christian and
you say so. You preach brotherhood
of men and that Christians can be
brothers with non-Christians. You
teach the Golden Rule and a real
Christianity, but I never found out
what real Christianity is.
If you are a Christian and if you
think that Christianity is the only
thing for humanity, then you wish
to see that the whole world should
accept Christianity. And if this is
the case, why don't you come out
open and say. so?
Is Christianity the best teaching for
humanity? Judging by what Chris-!
tianity has done for humanity, Chris
tianity is bankrupt. Then after 2,000
years of teaching the Golden Rule
and brotherhood of men we have so
much hatred between different reli
gious people I think that Christianity
had lived its days. The pages of his
tory don't praise the deeds of Chris
tianity above other religions. And at
present Christian people are not more
human than other religious people.
And what is real Christianity? Why,
all the different sects of Christian
religion claim that their's the real.
Tolstoi taught real Christianity in his
last years, and his co-religious broth
ers cut babies in two only because
they were not baptized, and drove
nails in the heads of old helpless men
and women only because they didn't
belong to their real religion. John D.,
Jr., thinks he is a real Christian, At
present the capitalist class is boom
ing all religions in order to keep the
working men separated, as Parker H.
Sercombe said about'.Gary's ?50,000'
that he gave for the Catholic church:
Shall we accept Christianity only
for its Golden Rule? Why even the
Golden Rule is not their invention. It
was taken from the old testament
and given a different form. And if we
want to be real followers of the past
(as I believe religions are) we would
have to accept the old testament as
our religion instead of the new one.
Can there be real brotherhood be
tween different religious people?
When men disagree on one subject
there will surely come another dis
agreement and a third, and a fourth;
and where there is disagreement
there is no brotherhood.
Of course, you are careful in your
writing. You always say that you
don't wish to influence anybody. This
is your opinion But non-influenced
men are dead men. And the reason
we are, in the twentieth century, so
far behind civilization, is because -we
have so many influential misleaders.
Why not leave all the religions of
the past as things of the past? Reli
gion has played its part in the evo
lution of men. And now I think they
are out of date. The sooner -working-men
will let religion, heaven and hell,
tak& care of itself, and take more
care of their earthly struggles, the
sooner we will have real civilization
and humanity. J. Kernes,
1254 N. Maplewood Av.
Editor Day Book: Now that Mar
garet Haley has touched real bottom
in this Day Book move for boy-freedom,
let's hear some more from Miss
Haley. She knows and she can tell
it right You started this, Mr. Coch
ran. First, you gave us The Day
Book. Then you started digging,
and we're all digging with you. The
Day Book is no longer YOURS. It is
OURS. And we demand that you
clean 'em up. Begin at the basement
Let Miss Haley tell about that $40,
000,000 a year steal, engineered by
the Chicago city council, the Chicago'
Board of 'Education and the Chicago
lAat.SMirffcj a. .f,i-uM!KlASJ!iiiAics

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