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The day book. (Chicago, Ill.) 1911-1917, July 14, 1914, NOON EDITION, Image 5

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Owens and Kenna. Judge Owens
, declares war on Michael Kenna be
cause the Sullivan crowd threw the
judge off the so-called harmony slate;
A and says he is going to get the First
Ward alderman.
But why blame it all on Kenna?
If Roger had said the word, no
doubt 'Owens would have been left on
the Sullivan slate. Besides, Kenna is
supposed to be a Harrison man.
Why doesn't -the judge get after
Sullivan and wipe him off the map?
Or does Kenna serve the purpose
of being a good mark to shoot at in
a campaign?
Anyhow, the gentle Michael must
be a powerful influence in politics if
he can tell Roger who to put on his
But would Owens have given Ken
na credit for it if Roger had left the
judge on that Sullivan slate?
And what will happen to Harrison
if Owens drives all of Kenna's friends
into the Sullivan camp?
Is Andy Lawrence still determined
to have the First Ward all to himself?
Bathing Beaches. There is en
tirely too much regulation of per
sonal rights in Chicago. Separating
husbands and wives at public bath
ing beaches because some rowdies
appear there and bother women is
regulation run mad. Instead of sep
arating husbands and wives, officers
of the law ought to be tickled to see
them together. And having a good
If men bother women at the bath
ing beaches, why not do something to
regulate the men who make the
trouble, instead of punishing alike
the innocent and guilty.
Let the cops go -in swimming, too;
and police the water as well as the
land. It won't take them long to find
out the offenders and give them a ride
in a patrol wagon to some judge who
will teach them a thing or two.
But don't bother the families. And,
don't spoil the sport of lake bathing.
The next move might be to prevent
husbands and wives from walking to-'
gether in the public parks. Or to
make the boys and girls keep apart.
Which is rank nonsense.
Regulate the conduct that needs
regulation, instead of interfering
with the pleasure of the innocent.
By Special Barbed Wire Fence from
the Field of Battle, Wilmette, III.
Editor Day Book: For 12 hours the
fiercest battle has been raging on
the north boundary line of Wilmette.
Blood is running knee deep down
Central avenue to the lake. Every
man, woman and child is armed.
Sleep is impossible. The result is in
doubt, with the chances that the Chi
cago Tribune army, with old Doc Ev
ans in command, will exterminate the
entire male and female population of
Wilmette. This, of course, includes
the mosquitoes, who form by far the
majdr portion of Wilmette's popula
tion. This could mean the wholesale
murder of at least twenty million, two
thousand men, women and mos
quitoes. Twenty-four hours ago Wil
mette was the most peaceful suburb
in the universe. Sleep and rest were
its sole assets. For years we had
been slowly acquiring fame owing
to our control of the entire mosquito
output of Cook county. The indus
try provided our sole occupation.
Practically all the mosquitoes in
Cook county reside in Wilmette. Wil
mette is proud of it, with a pride of
long standing. Then the Chicago
Tribune got jealous and hatched a
plot to start mosquito clubs to oust
the mosquitoes from all these north
shore towns.
Winnetka has now fallen before the
onrush of The Tribune's wrecking
The Tribune stole a inarch on us
and caught us asleep. We do .nothing

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