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""Editor Day Book: Well! Well! El
bertus Hubbubus, Big Business' pub
licity agent, has come out in the Ex
aminer and shown himself up. That
he is a scrivener employed by the
capitalists. Goodness, how they must
have roared when they read his arti
cle. The title of his roar is "Big Busi
ness and Publicity by Default." He
uses the word default in the sense
neglect and he later refers to the at
tacks on Big Business by the great
labor leaders and Socialists of today.
Now Charles Edward Russell in a
recent issue of Pearson's Magazine
has published an article entitled
"Caught With the Goods." In it he
proves that the Associated Press is a
news trust, censoring and falsifying
news for Big Business.
Long-locks Hubbubus endeavors in
his squeal to hold up the Socialist
party and the laboring class to ridi
cule by giving the following lists of
radicalists to make up the executive
power of the U. S.:
President, William Haywood.
, Vice President, Charles Moyer.
Secretary of State, Upton Sinclair.
Secretary of War, "Mother" Jones.
Secretary of the Navy, Emma
Secretary of the Treasury, Harry
Attorney General, Frank Tannen
baum. I venture to predict that if this
were a reality these people would get
together and that the name United
States would mean a heaven on earth
to live in to every foreign country
within two years.
Now let us answer a few rash
statements made by Elbertus.
Following the former quote is this
"And when this comes about do not
forget that the gallows tree will bear
fruit, and that you can listen any
where and hear sounds as of men
with hammers building a scaffold.
And the men who will hang first will
be big business men."
Hanging is too good for the owners
of mills in which children are made
to work 10 and 12 hours a day and
sweatshop proprietors.
A little lower down, following some
historical high-brow chatter, is this:
"Today civilization is sitting on the
crust of a crater, dangling its heels
and whistling 'Annie Laurie.' "
Ah, how true.
"If big business is a beneficient
thing, why not buy pages in the daily
press and advertise the fact?"
As if they don't. For example:
The telephone company's magazine
advertising. Usually about the rot
tenness of the European service and
the excellence of that of the United
"They will never get a fair deal un
til they meet the falsehoods of the
agitators and give blow for blow."
"Agitators" and "falsehoods," pe
culiar words to use, very peculiar.
"Tnereis no gomg Dacn to 'tne ruie
of the competent few.' "
Rather say "incompetent few."
"Popular government is here. If
we are ruled by the worst,- we must,
through education, evolve that
'worst' into the best."
"We are ruled by the worst." He
admits that his employers are incom
petent. "As a matter of self-preservation
we must make the 'worst' tolerable
and tolerant. Also, we must be tol
erant." Quoting the constitution, "AH men
are equal." According to Elbert they .
are not. D. L. Day. ,
Editor Day Book: The committee
on gas, oil and electric light at their t
last meeting postponed the subject '
of the Automatic-Bell telephone mer
ger until the first meeting in October:
The officers of the Penny Phone
League were requested to "submit a.
lrt' t Ji-tJ

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