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Is In it. That is true enough. But if
the girls would only use a little com
mon sense how many would slip.
Take a girl who goes to a dance
hall alone and stays until 3 a. m. She
looks the boys oyer to see who can
afford to take heVhome. She wants
some one that spends something be
sides the evening. And if he buys
he is called a sucker and if he don't
a dead one. So the young man, not
to be a dead one, goes his limit with
his capital, the girl finds him to be
a live wire and starts to play him.
His salary soon becomes insufficient
and in order to keep up the showing
starts in to find an easy way to" make
more money. Sometimes he steals
from his employers and sometimes
works nights bending the pipe. But
sooner or later he is caught and then
our great criminal doctors send him
to prison to cure him maybe.
Then sometimes he shows the girl
the easy way tojmake money to take
care of two. The girl takes a chance,
is found out, shifts the blame on the
man, and two fives that may have
turned out to be a credit to their peo
ple are lost forever, whereas if the
girl had not led the man on and had
not craved for high life this might
never had happened.
This story may start an argument.
If it does we hope The Day Book,
which is 100 years ahead of its near
est rival, of which it has none, will
kindly publish the letters. Thos.
Morrissey, 1644 Austin Av.
Editor Day Book: What vegetar
ianism with all its variations could
not accomplish, the meat trust has
done, it has driven the people against
their will, for the better, to consider
the question of diet, and vegetarian
isms's foremost enemies are admit
ting by degrees that a meat diet, not
only from a humanitarian standpoint,
But scientifically considered, is an
abomination and a curse to mankind.
"Trust" is a word that makes people
lose their wits. "Trust," a word that J
makes them fear and tremble, yet
they believe in trust for the very dol
lar that is the emblem of their every
day thought bears the inscription, "In
God we trust."
The "trusts" are a blessing, they
are merely the outcome of time and
are the means to an end to get the
scientists and the masses to think.
They need to begin to think about
their food. It would not be bad if
before long an "Air Trust" would
form to corner the air and make them
wake up to the necessity of breath
ing. Everything works well, and as
long as we will not learn the economy
of fife voluntarily, nature in her wis
dom brings about conditions that
would force us tohe fact that we
live for a purpose, and to recognize
this we must necessarily begin to
think of the things pertaining to our
present need, thereby laying the foun
dation for the future.
As meat develops and brings into
action the lower nature of man, just
so that which matures below the
ground like potatoes are good only in
certain instances, or when rightly
combined, for instance, to have people
come before the altar by the whole
sale, feed them on peanut prepara
tions and there will be a great awak
ening toward meeting the Lord in the
clouds; sandwiched with a few boiled
potatoes and white flour gravy, will
grow wings overnight to meet the
Son of man in the clouds by morn
ing what fools these mortals be
just now small new potatoes, the ones
that are thrown away as not worth
picking up, boiled in their jackets
until die water has steamed away,
used with a cup of clabber and a
pinch or two of dill seed, enough to
make a meal, used for a few weeks,
will assist assimilation. Many are try
ing to do by prayer and preaching
what can only be done, by correct at-,
tention to dietetic laws.
Thou shalt not kill pertains not
only to the human being, but to all
living creatures. -Whosover killeth
an ox shall be as tho he slew a man.

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