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First Ward Suspects. The pri
mary election law provides that any
elector may at certain times before
a primary file an application with the
election commissioners, signed and
sworn to, requesting the name of a
person registered shall be erased be
cause such person was not a legal
primary elector.
The form of the affidavit follows:
"I (blank) do hereby solemnly
swear (or affirm) that I am informed
and believe that (blank) is not a
qualified voter in the (blank) pre
cinct of the (blank) ward of the city
(village or town) of (blank), and
that said (blank) will not be a qual
ified voter of such precinct and ward
on the (blank) day of (blank) A. D.
(blank) and hence ask that his name
be erased from the registers of such
The right of any elector to take
this step to prevent fraudulent vot
ing is proper. The law presumes that
such suspect notices will be made in
good faith.
It was never intended, however,
that interested politicians should take
partisan advantage of this law and
file thousands of suspect notices
against legal voters who have lived
and voted in a precinct for years.
Yet thousands of such notices
were served on voters in the First
Ward, and citizens who -have legally
voted for years were forced to take
a half day off from their work to ap
pear before the election board and
swear their names back on the regis
try books.
Doubtless many legal voters and
law-abiding citizens will lose their
votes because they can't afford to
take the time to appear before the
board. But even if they can afford
the time they should not be subjected
to the outrage.
It looks to me like a rotten case
of strong-arm politics,, a gross abuse
of power by the election officials who
are responsible for it
There can be no objection to
throwing every illegal voter off the
registration lists and preventing il
legal voting. In fact, every precau
tion should be taken to prevent elec
tion frauds. But when legal voters
by the wholesale are ''suspected"
right after the judge in charge of the
election machinery has publicly
threatened to "get" Aldermen Kerina
and Coughlin and break them politi
cally in the First Ward and especial
ly when that judge is himself a can
didate at the coming primary it
looks as if something much more
personal than the dignity of the law
were involved.
I think the suspected voters had a
right to demand that they be con
fronted by their accusers. They had
a right to know who accused them of
registering illegally; and I suspect
election officials who refuse to show
the affidavits and submit the whole
matter to the public
, I begin to suspect that the big
newspaper campaign against so-called
vice lords in the First Ward was
merely preliminary to a wholesale
disqualification of voters who were
suspected of intending to vote the
way somebody didn't want them to
I don't care a cuss what Owens,
Kenna and Coughlin do to each other
politically, but I do care what Is done
to honest and legal voters in any
ward in the name of politics or law
and it makes no difference how those
legal voters intend to vote.
Keep Out, Turkey. What business
has Turkey got mixing up In our
Christian war?
Those Turks are not Christians
and never were.
AH Pagans should keep out of it
and mind their own business.
If they mix in haw are historians
going to write this war down" as a
civilized war?
Let's keep the record clear. Tr's a.

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