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sons are "wrongly mated, and many
just reasons come up afterward. No
man or woman has any right to be
kept living a life of hell on earth to
the end of their days. Here it is our
place to be as cheerful and happy as
possible. Never mind the hereafter.
It will take care of itself. In fact,
coming down to the pin-point, no one
knows anything about the hereafter.
They may think this, that or the
other, but none know, neither can
they until each understands his own
kingdom, his own laws and obeys
4. Textbooks. Free, with a cap
ital "F," in the public schools and
in the public schools only.
5. Taxation. Tax all kinds of
churches, private and parochial, and
charitable institutions. Have the
public schools free from taxation,
and the city take charge of charit
able institutions and see that they,
being under the city, are not taxed,
but governed in an honest, efficient
and reliable manner.
6. Pensions. No specialty about
pensioning. There are hundreds of
thousands at labor more dangerous.
Every man and woman should, when
they get too old for labor, or crippled,
be pensioned, but, of course, that
would be too humane, that would be
Socialism, that would be going ac
cording to Christ's commands Love
thy neighbor as thyself and that is
what the Roman Catholic clergy are
fighting against.
7. Minimum wage. First of all,
what is needed is minimum wage for
man, man the provider and woman
the home maker and keeper. Until
then a minimum wage would be bet
ter for women and children.
8. Transportation and lunches in
cases of necessity should be provided
for pupils of the public schools, but
to no others. If I desire or am cajoled
into sending my child where he is
badly educated or better educated
than in the public schools, that is my
business. I can send him to the pub
lic school where he gets a good edu-,
cation and that is all that is requir
ed. It is as much as his mentality
will bear, but I would like that al
gebra be not taught to girls for the
reason, as I understand it, it is too
hard on their brain powers. That is
generally speaking.
9. Sex education. Call a spade a
spade. Lack of this knowledge has
brought on the habit of masturba
tion, and to an alarming extent
among boys and girls, and as a result
we have various sicknesses and dis
eases resulting therefrom and trans
mitted to the next generation and on
further. Children should have female
and male professional teachers.
Right now, adults should be com
pelled to attend free nighty classes
in the public schools, and man's laws
and woman's laws explained to each
no prudery but to mixed classes
both men and women are woefully
ignorant upon this subject, the most
vital one on earth. In addition to the
above, the dietetic laws should be
understood and taught Nearly every
crime on the calendar can be traced
to wrong selection arid mixture of
foods. The value of foods and drinks
should be taught to children as well
as adults. It will lessen sickness and
disease, hatred, crime and murder.
Education that throws light on all
subjects is what is required, yes, and
needed, on all subjects that have to
do with the uplifting, upbuilding of
the human being as an individual.
Let there be light. Dr. Fred H.
Schols, 620 W. 35th St.
(By Lyli Kehl, the guy that put the
bull in bulletin.)
Lyons, Aug. 10. Reports of an en
gagement between the British and
German fleets off the north coast of
Switzerland are coming in from spe
cial correspondents. During the gun
duel a cheese factory was accidental
ly riddled and several thousand Swiss
cheese were perforated. Peoria
-ai" .jat-ii"

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