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been very careful not to antagonize
the people. It is a question of power,
the people versus the courts. Ulti
mately the people must triumph.
Cochran's fight for freedom of
speech and press is a notable one
and has the support of every liberty
loving man and "woman throughout
the United States. The revolution
is In progress and marching along
is William Creene.
Editor Day Book: All thinkers
agree that present conditions have
no real foundation, and being con
structed upon sand instead of on a
sound basis of true equality or holi
ness (oneness or brotherhood) can
not last. For the few to "corner" all
the products and resources of the
earth, then allow nine-tenthsto go to
waste, making a supply quite inade
quate to the demand, explains the de
structive system of economics now
enslaving mankind. Equal rights are
not, therefore, possible.
Justice will not, cannot, permit of
a contamination of this state com
bat and shedding of blood results.
The pendulum has swung too far.
The civilization of today is not civil
ization at an. It is nothing but a hol
low mask.
How rarely can true Christianity
be discerned in the motives of life.
Only here and there can be found the
individual bearing and uplifting the
cross. Yet on him depends the new
earth. How can it be brought about?
For answer we must search the
scriptures. Though the voice has
spoken it, Ainyahita tells it fully. So
much so that the world will not, dare
not, believe such ways and means
possible. They say "There is a God.
Those who believe in Him, say He
is a God of love, so He cannot use
such weapons of destruction in order
to redeem." Don't let this doctrine
carry weight. God could not be a
God of Love, if He were not a God
of Justice. He has given to all man
kind free will, free laws and free
warnings. Those who will not heed
and conform must pay the penalty,
dragging others with them. They
cannot blame HIM, for they know
that the "Wages of sin are death"
and "As ye sow, so shall ye reap. No
other way is lawful or possible to the
Lord God, but to allow the condi
tions, made by man, full sway, no in
terfering, no meddling. The law
breakers will be judged by the law;
but the JUST need not be afraid
(man's laws need to be enforced,
God's laws are always in force). In
the "Message of Peace" lies safety
and redemption: For to him that
overcometh shall be given life ever
lasting. Buddha said: "Wise people fash
ion themselves and falter not admist
blame or praise; having listened to
the law, they become serene, -like a
deep, smooth lake. Dr. Fred Schols,
620 W. 35th St.
Editor Day Book: Would suggest
that the secretaries of all improve
ment clubs in the city be instructed
to write their respective aldermen to
use their influence to to have the Au
tomatic Telephone Co. extend their
service into outlying territory.
These letters should be written in
such a way that the alderman could
not fail to understand that their con
stituents were getting tired of prom
ises before election and then entirely
ignored afterwards. John Bruns,
2027 W. 67th St.
o o
Dr. Parkhurst at a dinner in New
York, said of Sabbath observance:
"There are too many of us who are
like the Hempstead woman.
"This woman said to her little boy
the other day: -
" 'You mustn't roll your hoop in
the front garden, dear. It's Sunday.
Go roll it in the back garden.'
" 'Isn't it Sunday in the back gar
den, too, mamma?' the little boy

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