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The ideas of the Rockefellers, father and son, are probably set forth,
by those Colorado mine managers, who say there's no issue between capital
and labor, but the sole issue is:
"Shall we preserve law and order,' and shall we maintain the constitu-.
tional privilege of every man to work where, for whom and upon such terms
as he sees fit?"
There is really no such thing as "the constitutional privilege of every
man to work where, for whom and upon such terms as he sees fit?" This
for the reason that opportunities are controlled and largely monopolized,
a fact thajt no one knows better than Rockefeller himself.
If all workers were union men every man could' work under such,
conditions and wages as he saw fit. It'is the employer who fixes these mat
ters for the non-unionists.
Suppose a man discovers oil on his lot and goes to producing. Does
any constitutional right back him up as to how he shall produce or what
he shall get for his work? Not so you could notice it, but along comes Mr.
Rockefeller, with his announcement that, constitutionally speaking, -a fel
low can work where, how and for what he sees fit, and makes that fellow
work where, how and for what Mr. Rockefeller, the police, the state militia
and the federal troops see fit, or go out of business. Our constitutional
theory of industrial freedom is beautiful enough to make all the foreign
world buy one-way tickets to our hospitable shores, but the actual opera
tion of the theory is found only when forced by unionism.
But, to the posted part of the world, Mr. Rockefeller's quoting the con
stitution always sounds like the devil's quoting holy writ
o o
Editor Day Book: Why this silly,
senseless custom some men have of
taking off the hat in elevator where
women happen to be present? Is not
the elevator a public conveyance?
And, to say the last, the practice is an
unhealthy and unwholesome one,
with particles of dandruff and sweaty
hat odor in the narrow, confined car.
One case in particular a young fel
low working in the same office build
ing as myself never fails to take off
his hat in elevator when ladies are
present. But I've never yet seen him
get up and offer his seat in the street
car to a woman young or old. J.
Editor Day Book: There is a time
in every man's life, whether, Jew or
Gentile, heathen or Christian, when
he shall bow his knees in reverenpe.
That "Inner Voice" prompts you
NOW, every day. Don't wait until
forced by trials and tribulations, for
then you will not be heeded. Remem
ber the words, depart from me, I nev
er knew you. Pray for knowledge,
wisdom and understand, to choose
the better part Yes, pray earnestly,
and daily put your prayers into oper
ation insofar as circumstances per
mit. Then just as surely as there is
a great "I AM" above, just so surely
will your prayers be answered, and
that peace and calmness come to
you. What will you pray for? Pray
for that which, in your present un
derstanding, is the best, is just and
right for you, then for those you love,
and then the world at large.
Do it and do it regular, make no
specialty about time or season. We
all have our troubles, our joys, our
sorrows, our heartbreaks and our
pleasures, some far more heart
breaks, sorrows and troubles than
others, because man's inhumanity to
man makes the countless thousand

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