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Editor Day Book: Civilization is
supposed to be the quintessence of
culture, refinement, education, ad
vancement in the arts and sciences.
Warfare is strife between two or
more nations for conquest, revenge,
exploitation or annexation.
Warfare creates havoc, waste, an
nihilation and destruction of the
things made and buildings builded
and of the men whose skill, learning
and hands were used in the making.
Yet we have degrees of warfare,
civilized and savage or guerilla war
fare. Civilized warfare has-certain rules
and regulations for carrying on the
war, the avoidance of which in
stantly brands the warrior as unciv
ilized. To illustrate: To bombard a town
not fortified is uncivilized; to do the
same to a fortified town, even though
the cannon lay the non-combatants
low women, children and old men
it still remains civilized warfare.
Matters not the debt which other
nations owe to one nation for her
advance in science, arts and manu
facture; should there be war declar
ed on that civilized nation that war
must be carried on under the civil
ized warfare rules.
This declared war may kill 200,000
of the strongest men of the nation,
destroy art galleries, ancient struc
tures and lay waste the fields and
farm houses, yet this is done by civil
ized warfare rules and regulations, is
right, proper and the result of civil
ization. Should a mine, set for the enemy,
destroy a fishing boat and murder
a number of neutral fishermen, this
can be settled for upon a basis of dol
lars and cents; yet if a person should
shoot a soldier of the enemy from
one's cottage window while under the
dread of being killed by an engage
ment, this would be declared guerilla
warfare", and the culprit, if caught,
would be instantly shot in a .civilized
We are in an age of so-called civil
ization and yet do the most barbar
ous, atrocious things in the name of
that civilization that we become per
plexed and wonder who sets the
I standard for the civilization.
The standard is established by
those who have attained culture, re-
finement, learning. Those are the
few who seldom go to the front even
in civilized warfare stay at home,
enjoy the fat of the land and have the
chance of appreciating the civiliza
tion the soldier has not attained in
the majority of cases, for he is from
the peasantry, has seen little of arts,
sciences, invention, etc., and yet he
is drafted into this civilized warfare
to be killed in a civilized manner, that
the chosen, cultured, refined, educat
ed, civilized citizens may live to enjoy
the progress of civilization.
What matters it that the things of
civilization must needs be remade,
there are yet toilers a plenty.
What matters it that the wife of
the factory hand is a widow, she has
just born a son, and the toilers will
increase and civilized warfare will
not have been waged in vain, for, if
we cannot kill off the toiler fast
enough in the mines, mills and fac
tories, we must ngeds have warfare
so let it be civilized at least. A. G.
Betts, 2903 Belmont Av.
Editor's Day Book: Your paper
should be congratulated on the story
Tuesday regarding the 16-year-old
girl who was lured from the straight
path and taken to cafes and hotels
by vicious men.
Your paper states the real facts as
to why girls go wrong. You publish
the fact that there are redlight dis
tricts in the Wilson av. district and in
the aristocratic part of the South
I am a mother who a short time
ago rescued my 16-year-old daughter
out of a place worse than a dive k

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