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Editor Day Book: "To the pure all
things are pure, and to God all things
are good," but to the undeveloped,
the ignorant, the vicious and the de
generate all things are evil. It is all
a matter of the point of view we take.
How can God forgive a sinner when
he knows not of sin? How can God
cure disease when he recognizes no
such condition? How can God cure
ignorance and crime when He is be
yond all such states of limitation? If
God is all good there is no room for
any negative state in His presence.
If we would be like unto Him and
perform His works we must outgrow
and eliminate all negative conditions
that hinder and limit our progress.
Now do you begin to see what you
live for? Do you realize what it
means to work out your own salva
tion? How would God have a chance
to demonstrate goodness and purity
if He were compelled to spend His
time healing the sick, settling dis
putes and doing the things we should
Is the light of truth beginning to
dawn on you? Do you realize what
it means to be "at one" with Him?
If man or the evil one caused the war,
then it's up to man to end it when he
will. Verily, man is judged by the
deeds done in the body. Dr. Fred
Schols, 620 W. 35th St
Editor Day Book: The .war in Eu
rope, besides demonstrating to a civi
lized world how near to savagery we
still are, is also responsible for the
peculiar phenomenon the newspaper
field presents to us here as well as
abroad. Indeed, it requires but a su
perficial observation for one to note
how utterly hypocritical and ex
tremely ludicrous these news dis
seminators can at times become:
That war is necessary to uphold
the dignity of a nation, and that it is
a ready means to thrash a suppos--
able hostile country (providing such ,
country is smaller and weaker), is '
heartily subscribed to by every yellow '
newspaper in the immediate vicinity
of the war. But that it is their coun-1
try whose dignity has been injured'
and that the other nation is to blame
is just as stupidly maintained by
these same sheets respectively.
So much for the newspapers which
circulate in the war zone. Now let
us take but a scant glance at our
vehicles of public education (?). Ah!
how different What noble sentiments
they do express. How sublimely do
they slap the warring nations on the
wrist. And those cartons, yes, the
cartoons, aren't they perfect speci
mens of humanitarianism a la
Hearst style? Splendid! Glorious!!
Marvelous!!! But hark! I hear a bu
gle call. Why, what does this mean?
MEXICO. Let me buy a paper at
once. I must learn what it is all
about Ah! so this is what it is:
"Huerta refuses to salute our flag,"
"Warships are on the way," "Our dig
nity must be upheld even if it be by
the point of the bayonet" And here
is a cartoon. Well, isn't that grand? ?
You can almost see the eagerness on
"our boys' " faces as they march to
the- tune of "The star spangled ban
ner, -fore'er may it wave o'er the
land of the free and the home of the
brave." Louis S. Vineburg, 1314 S.
Albany Av.
Editor Day Book: Why should
there be poverty in the U. S.? Are
the natural resources of this country
exhausted? A great many people
seem to be absorbed in the war in
Europe. How about the war against
poverty in this country. Many well
meaning people are so interested in
charitable enterprises to relieve the
burdens of the poor and never think
of abolishing the conditions that cre
ate poverty. Why should there be
any such a thing as poverty in this
country? Ain't -this the land of vaS,

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