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The day book. (Chicago, Ill.) 1911-1917, November 05, 1914, LAST EDITION, Image 19

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The minute he came within a
stone's throw of thefront door the
slouclf disappeared. He appeared
spry 'and springy! He positively
reeked with enthusiasm.
"And how have things been going,
dearest?" he inquired, embracing
her tenderly.
"Finely, dearest," answered Mrs.
Raleigh. "There's a chance pf get
ting a maid next week, too. Uncle,
John writes from New York thai he
is thinking of sending his wife's maid
into the country to regain her
strength. She has been somewhat
run down, you know. Only there's
something wrong with the furnace,
dear. It wo'n'C draw any more."
"It never did draw," said her hus
band, ruefully. "I guess it's the
"Sq, I had to get a cold supper,"
his wjfe concluded.
They went in together in the gath
ering twJbghtT Somehowthe. parlor
looked quite cheerless with the new
wallpaper roses, and Mrs. Raleigh? s
selection staring at them front the
reflected light of the electric bulbs.
They ate their dinner in silence.
An evil thought was 'growing rabidly
inside Mrs. Dora's pretty headland
she was fighting it back for all she
was worth.
"Let me see, we never did get any
eggs of our own," did we?" inquired
her husband, after tasting two
boiled ones from' the local grocer.
"No, but then, you "Know, this fe
not the laying' time, even if ' our
chickens had lived," answered the
wife, feeling hysterical.
"And the new catches for the win
dows, which were to be connepted
with the burglar alarm?"
"They've'come, dear, but the elec
trician says he can't attach theTvires
unless we. have them covered, and
that is going to cost twice as much as
we originally planned."
After dinner they crouched over
the cheerful oil stove anil stretched
out their"hands to the blaze. "
"Dora," said her Tiusband, rather
1 shamefacedly, "I had lunch with (
unggson. iaaay in ms new aparupeut 4
on Riverside drive. He has tHe cut- t'
est little place imaginable and no
trquble with the things that bother
us heating and lighting. He
laughed at me for a country'jay. Nat
urally he doesn't understand.' If he f
could come home and see ypu under
the" honeysuckle "
"It wil be fine when it blooms,
won't it", dear?' " "
. "And the clemgtis has positively
grown. I meaiired it yesterday, and i
it ia an inch longer than when we
setit in. 'Well, as I was" saying, those
popr city fellows don't" l$now 'what
life means. They thing it consists
of going to theaters"
'"Yes, and having lobster suppers
aftecward," said Dra Raeigh scqrn
fttUy. nAnd taking taxicabs and seeing
the cheerful I mean cheerless'hghts
of the city. And" haying "a lot 'of
noisy people round in the evenings
instead of enjoying the calm and
aiuefbf.ttie country." T
k"And and going out to supjper r
wnen tney leei use n, aiju anu see
ing" Ihe" picture galleries, and th
park, and and musical" evenings s'
said Dora, hysterically
"And nof having to run for trains
in the"mprning," her husband con-
tinued. ''They dpri?t get the benefit -'of
the fresh counter air. They don't
halfliveV Wha witfAheir entertain- i
ments and late hours and f nenpV al
ways dfpppjng inland'
"'Henry', DonI" screamed Mr?.
D,f;ra Ralelgfi, bursting into byster
IpaYtefifs. '"Dearest! lyhat is it?" demanded
her hu8ba,nd, holding he.r m his
arms, 'while a wildTight of incre,(hi s
Ions hppe came into lis eyes. - '
"I tried no"to tell you,, but I ust
hate th'e only country," spbbe Dora
Raleigh. "I want to get -back
to town! There !f'
"So do t, Dora' whispered her
tiusband into hr ear. "I only came
h'ere to "please you."

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