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"I just laid the law down to Ed good and hard," the young bride said.
"I told him I wouldn't stand for having curtains and draperies stunk up
with tobacco smoke. He would have to give up smoking or give up me."
We overheard this in a street car, and don't know what Ed replied.
But it's better than an even chance that that aggressive young woman is
laying up trouble.
Waiving the point whether smoking is good or bad for a man, she is
beginning her trot in double harness in the wrong way to keep hubby,
No doubt he told her," when he was courting, that he'd do whatevelj
she asked, even to laying down his life.
But that's a far different thing than laying down a pet pipe. If war,
burglars or a fire came, some great crisis in which it was a choice between
his life and hers, it's possible he'd be a hero. If he were, it would be from
his own impulse, not because she nagged him to it.
You see, .mere man, spite of ages of civilization, is still a good deal
like a horse, happiest, most tractable, when well petted and stall fed.
If we were in that bride's place, just setting out on the uncertain sea
of matrimony, we'd make believe we enjoyed the smell of tobacco so well
and would so cuddle and caress him and help him with the "makings" that
he'd think home had it all over Mike's joint around the corner so weH
that it would take a crowbar to pry him away, nights.
"It's the old story over again of the sun and the wind affection will gQ
further any day than force.
Editor Day Book Many compe
tent judges of newspaper enterprise
and accomplishment may be willing
generously to grant the Chicago Tri
bune its self-accorded style of "The
World's Greatest Newspaper." Evi
dently, however, the "W. G. N." sets
no limit to its aspirations after pre
eminence. Everything is "news"
that does not expose the personal and
private delinquencies of the editorial
family, and everything that vaunts
"pre-eminence" is good advertising,
regardless of the finer sentiments of
delicacy which, in the case of some
other equally good business men,
serve to restrain.
Few persons walk the streets who
are not keenly interested in the Tri
bune's window display of articles
picked) up on European battlefields
by courageous correspondents arti
cles that tell the wayfarer what a
"dum-dum" actually is what shade
ofr gray cloth the Germans wear,
what an officer's helmet looks like,
and so on. Yet none but the morbid
and the unfeeling find added interest
in the placarded fact that this hel
met, with its fateful inscription, "Wa
terloo" and its devoted "Mit Gott
fuer Koenig und Vaterland," was
taken fromthe body of a killed df
ficer. And;when one remembers that
somewhere perhaps eating the soup
of charity in Alexandra Palace, Lon
don a Belgian widow arid orphan,
children may be wondering what
of a silent husband and father? One
regrets the sacrilege of displaying on,
a Chicago thoroughfare the last piti
ful little "diary of a killed Belgian;
soldier (written in French) from be-
ginning of war till date of his death.
W. P. M.f Bellwood, III.
Editor Day, Book In your Day;
Book of Oct, 19, under the head-
Hfchiiifc- ,-t.i, tf'A'WfrT,'iSnvfarti"rii'iHfc4t' i-n- .

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