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I feel sorry for her if she made a
mistake and is in the wrong; and I
feel sorry for her if she is right and
is wrongly accused.
I feel sorry for Mr. Weigle if he is
innocent and wrongly accused, tiut
I don't feel sorry for any man, rich
or poor, who is found guilty of an
noying any girl who is trying hard
to mind her own business.
I don't say Mr. Weigle is guilty of
offending Miss McKinney; neither do
I say that Miss McKinney is doing
right in accusing him. But I do say
that it makes a gross difference in
shelling out justice when the rich girl
tries to prosecute a poor man and
a poor girl wishes to prosecute a
rich man for the same offense.
There is no getting around it or
no getting out of it the poor man
who toils and earns and produces
has no show and no sUce pf the real
justice that was meant for all.
Frank Smith.
Editor Day Book The tactics ad
vanced at the present financial diffi
culty only goes to prove that a cer
tain class has been living above
their means and at the expense of
the producer. The means of emer
gency, like the sale of Panama bonds,
will not bring us back what we have
lost, but simply aid the speculators
to get another whack at us and offer
an opportunty to the financiers who
were "taken in" recently -to withdraw
their share.
The principle of the speculative
faction has ever been, "never invest
your own but speculate with other
people's money." That is the plum
in the pudding. But the continued
prosperity, owing to the extensive
ness of" a haphazardly introduced
credit system, even the speculator
could not withstand the great temp
tation of enormous profits and was
caught in his own game by investing
his own share.
Had he not been taken unawares
it would have never pricked his con
science. What matters it if the pro
ducer suffers, but when the lox gets
caught in his own trap what a howl
goes up in their controlled newspa
pers and bankers' journals. Ottoman.
Editor Day Book It would be in
teresting to know whether the an
noyance of girls on cars is greater
or less since well-meaning reform
ers have suceeded' in haying the au
thorities close the segrgated red-light
districts. Laws won't change hu
man nature. Man's blosd courses
through his veins with the same
speed, no matter how much legal reg
ulation, we have. Prohibition doesn't
abolish thirst. Human appetites
can't be regulated by man-made law.
The so-called social evil is as old as
human society. There have been cru
sades against vice ever since we have
Tecorded history. Culture is the
thinnest veneer known to man. Be
neath the thin veneer is a barbarian,
"with the same primordial instincts
that fevered Adam's blood. There is
no less vice in Chicago since we un
segregated than there was when we
segregated. We have merely scat
tered it and made it more stealthy.
There is as much licentious liberty in
high society as ever. We are merely
trying to regulate the morals of the
unrich. We are liars and hypocrites.
We pretend to be good and we know
weare not good. A Mere Man.
o o ,
Society Divorces
The Thaw Case
Detroit News.
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The Rockefeller family in America
is descended from John Rockefeller,
who was born in Germany in 1634,
,' adfe Jfl

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