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ity? Surroundings and companion
ship have everything to do with the
formation of character; so, how can
we hope to find in the slums a great
poet or moralist wherein no inspira
tion is obtainecLsave that which is de
praved and derogatory to the mind's
I have nothing to say in defense of
the ladies, neither have I any sugges
tion to offer in condemnation of my
own sex, among which I know there
are many vipers. But I would say to
the weaker six: Cut out your low
bosoms and suggestive slit skirts if
you have any moral sense of shame
and desire to uphold self-respect. By
so doing you will be imitating the
modern European lady, not the Paris
prostitute whose mode of dress you
at present so slavistly rave about.
, Then, and not till then, shall we have
fewer male flirts of the Mr. Weigle
type and fewer kickers of the Miss
McKinney type. J. W. En right.
Editor Day Book It is a pity that
so many Americans of British and
Teutonic descent cannot sufficiently
respect President Wilson's request for
neutrality. We have enough indus
trial warfare in the states to occupy
our waking moments, without losing
sleep over European crime. Wher
ever we go the people are talking
war, war, war. . Newspapers are tak
ing sides, trying to inflame the minds
of the people for or against the va
rious nations engaged in the titanic
struggle for naval, military or com
mercial supremacy.
Some of our statesmen of the
Champ Clark type come out boldly
with the convincing statement that
"the combined armies of Europe
would never reach the Ohio river, and
water their horses therein," etc., ab
What is the purpose of such state
ments, and where is their value? If
made to lull the people of the U. S.
into a sense of false security, such
statements are ill-advised, for we
know that we have no army worth,
mentioning, and a million trained sol
diers could march across the Cana
dian border and we couldn't stop
them if the reports of Maj. Gen.
Wotherspoon can be credited
I read a newspaper statement that
the coast artillery has enough ammu
nition for a two hours engagement.
It may be the field force has about
the same. There are about 9,000 en
listed men doing home service and
about 100,000 national guardsmen on
And then men of the Hearst type
would have us go to war with Mexico,
or inveigle us into a controversy with
Turkey or some other nation, and ac
cuse the president of being a sort
of Benedict Arnold, because the presi
dent is an honorable statesman and
not a professional politician. Presi
dent Wilson has steered the Ship of
State through many shoals and shal
low waters, whereas under some ad
ministrations we would now be en
gaged in a long guerilla war with
Mexico, Turkey or some other power,
backed up by men of Hearst's char
acter. I wonder what the war-mongers
would do if the German powers in
vade Canada and place an army of
occupation there, patrolling the U. S.
If that comes along we may have
need of more Wilsons and fewer
Hearsts, and something real to dis
cuss. But for the present let us for
fet the fact that we are of British,
Teutonic or Slavish birth or descent,
and that we owe allegiance to no
country but the one of our adoption.
If we want to interest ourselves in the
war from a partisan standpoint, let
us pack up our grips and join the
firing line, where, our deeds, not
words, will be appreciated at their
real value. Anglo-American.
o o
Congressman Britten notified 23
young. men in district to appear be
fore civil service board on Dec. 4 to
take examination for West Point,

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