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good reason to ask: "Have these col
lections, etc., been invested and in
The largest international banking
house in the world, the Rothschilds,
have handled the funds of the Vati
can for conservative investment since
the revolutionary war.
This fact alone gives the church an
economic foothold and' power in each
of the warring nations, matters not
the per cent of its Catholic popula
tion, even controlling England.
The church as an institution may
not have title to the stocks and
bonds representing control of the
chief industries of each of these
countries, but so long as the holders
are members of that church and re
spect the dictates of its ofnicials that
long will the church as such have
control "invisibly" of the economic
resources of these countries.
All of which seems feasable when
we consider that the R. C. Church
proposes to "make America Cath
olic." This is not a religious question.
This is an economic question.
The church to carry out her pur
pose must subjugate and control
labor upon whom all of these invest
ments depend for their profitable
tnaintainance and upkeep. A. G.
Berts, 2330 N. Sawyer Ave.
Editor Day Book I have a little
to say in regard to the M. D. pro
fession as I have found it hyself. I
was troubled with an infection that
if thoroughly understood generally
submits to proper treatment in a
month at least. I consulted and was
treated by no less than five doctors,
each one diagnosing my case differ
ently, aind after a period of one year
of varied treatments I was exactly in
the same,if not a worse condition, as
at the start. I paid out my -good,
hard-earned coin and had no results.
You know there is no "money back if
not satisfied" from the intellectual
(?) "master of Latin." Oh, heavens,
' I
no! They could not wear wedge
shaped beards and tolerate such a
thing, so I had to be a game loser as
long as the state provides no pro
tective laws for its citizens in such
instances as this.
There is an old saying that "Jack
of all trades, master of none," and I
think that is one thing that ails the
medical profession. They attempt to
learn so much that they really learn
very little. I do not believe that there
is one man out of a thousand whose
mentality is large and strong enough
to assimilate and store for ready use
even one-half of the knowledge that
a medical college is supposed to teach
and go out afterward and use it on
tjjfe general public as his diploma and
slate license decrees him to. In the
best colleges of education it takes
a term of four years to learn such
professions as civil engineering, law,
etc., and the human body is acknowl
edged to be the greatest and most
complicated creation on earth. Yet
notice! A medical college will in ex
actly the same time (4 years) instill
a thorough knowledge of this great
est machine besides a full knowledge
of medicine, surgery, etc., into a
student and present him with a beau
tiful inscribed sheet of paper with a
ribbon around it and send him out to
mesmerise the unsuspecting public
with his self poise, knock them dumb
with his cpmmand of Latin and
knock the plumpness from their
purses with his fees.
In short, I believe the M. D. ought
to abolished and instead have a doc
tor for each of the different organs of
the body, so that when a person has
something the matter with their sto
mach they will know where to find a
doctor that understands stomachs,
Dear Mr. Cochran I wish to ex
press my 'appreciation of your pub
lishing in The Day Book the article
written by Mr.. M. M, Mangasarian
and "also appreciate your comiaenta.
JJLJtegSfesja i!3jMLniri ifii

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