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The day book. (Chicago, Ill.) 1911-1917, December 10, 1914, LAST EDITION, Image 17

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n. y. the poleece in a station up in
the white lite part of town was play
ing penuckle and snoozing, a cuppel
of nites -ago, when in rushes a man
that was so mad it seemed like he
would bust
he just stood in frunt of the desk
and snorted and gasped till the desk
sarjint says, well, sir, what seems to
be the matter
the man gurgles and grunts a few
times more and then he pounds on
the desk and he hollers
i cm from collyrado, and goodniss
knows it is a tough state, and we got
some bad people, but for crooks with
nerve this here town has got us beat
7 million miles
all rite, says the sarjint, i beleaye I
I W ( HOT oR. a j
L yf" XL.
JE B5 - -
have herd sumthing like that before,
but what has happened to you,' Bir
this is what hapened to me, says
the man from collyrado, i went into
one of them tango places where you
sit and have a drink when you aint
tangoin, and i set down at a table and
i put my overcote on a chair next to
by and by i got up to do a little
steppin around the flore, and what do
y8k suppose i found when i got back
to my seat
i dunno, says the sarjint, not your
overcote, surely
no, not my overcote, rores the guy,
I found a pawnticket for the cote from
a shop 1-2 a block. away -
and a note from.the feller that had
stole it, sayin he found1 my address in
the pocket, so he was slippin me the
tickitr and it was a bum cote, and he
could only git 2 dollers on it
all rite, says the sarjint, we will git
your cote, just stick around here a
few minnits and the orfiser will bring
it to you
stick around nuthing, says the
man, am going back and tango some
more, and ime going to carry my hat
with me while ime dansing
"Parson," he said, "I could enjoy
mah religion bettah if you would jes'
have somethin' new to say now and
then and wouldn't stamp around on
Ho Tmlnlt. and erroan so much."
"Ttrnfherr Brown " said the uarson
Solemnly, "what I lacks in lightning,
1 tries to mane up m uiuuuer.
"Are you going to Gladys' birth
day party?"
"What birthday is she" celebrating
this, time?"
"Her twenty-fifth.""
"Oh, I was there last year." Ohio
"Say, dad, mother wants to see you
before you go out, an' I want a quar
ter, too." Fun.

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