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3in. H4 --,
of members of each of the above or
ganizations the family, fraternal
order and church and partake, in
their efforts, of the experience of it3
members. Possibly none ever suffer
ed actual deprivation. Not a single
officer or investigator of the major
JP ity of our charity organizations has
learned sympathy, doubtless, through
severe destitute suffering.
Hence how can they possibly see
the absolute need, much less feel the
necessity of aiding, the army of un
employed we already have within our
gates of our city beautiful with hang
ing flower boxes in the windows of all
the banks in the loop?
. These unemployed must surely
know by now, before the zero weath
er, that they must organize not as a
parade to exhibit their destitution and
want, but as an organization of hum
an beings with hearts, brain, brawn
and bellies.
By now they realize that they can
trust one of their fellow sufferers to
report on their needs more readily
than the paid professional investigat
or of tie Associated Charities. The
unemployed are ashamed to beg.
They, for the most part, are able to
work, and asking alms is beneath
their dignity.
The organization known as the As
sociated Charities has a host of pro
fessional beggars asking alms for the
needy, and doling out 80 per cent of
the collections, not to the needy poor,
but to the expense and salaries of the
The unemployed could have a mass
meeting, appoint a chairman, pass
A rules, elect officers and start out not
each for himself to get a dime for a
can of beer and then go and get an
other, etc., but start ,out in pairs to
collect for a fund with whjch to es
tablish several places of abode. These
places could be leased, such as the old
C. B. & Q. office building, Franklin
and Adams. Installment furniture
houses which, today are doing slow
business would be pleased to deliyer
Jhe cots, blankets, mats,- towels, ietc.,
Tfor.a small payment down, balance
weekly or monthly.
Never fear that all of this will.be
given free. No, not any more than
we get our water free, although the
city owns its plant. The Organiza
tion would own the fund; all collec
tions would be turned in to the treas
urer. A permit or- card would be is
sued to each solicitor. This, then,
would be charity where it belongs.
The needy and honest worker would
in this way find at least a means of
existence until he could get through
the crisis.
The Organization could charge a
small fee for lodging, issuing a ticket
or bill which could be paid off in
labor of some sort, making beds,
sweeping, etc. A few eating places
could be established and serve food
for labor in lieu of cash. This would
eliminate the drones and help the de
serving, through organization, to aid
The only asset the unemployed
I possess is labor. They have no land
upon WJUdl lu uuuu, ui upuu vyiuv-u.
to borrow money to .keep their hun
ger appeased while' they are in idle
ness so they must in a law-abiding
way use what they possess to sustain
life their labor.
An employment bureau could-be in
connection -and the prevailing union
scale of wages -obtain, so that a man
could cancel his -organization debt by
accepting a job outside the employ
er paying the wages into the Organi
zation if the worker has been eating
and lodging and unable until this
time to really work. Last, but not
least, the Organization could have a
newspaper, not to "calamity howl,"
but to tell the news.
You see if alt of these newspapers
and Giant-Standard-Oilized corpora
tions really realized that they -were
killing the goose that-laid the golden
eggs when 'they lock out labor if
they , realized who composed the
"public" for the most part, they
would-chip rright in right ;now not
i money, but idle bonds--loan-them to
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